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If the piston you are holding matches the damage on the exhaust port, I'm almost positive that piston was in backwards.

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Just fixing shit, SEEMEFIRST hit it on the head, get a Lincoln or Miller MIG and weld away. You can get a book to help understand a bit better. Just have fun with it while you learn.

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I agree, but where I work, we are the ones getting shit on. Prior to me, there was 2 IT managers over a 5 year period. On was here a year, then no manager for 1.5 years. The next one only made it 6 months, then another 1+ with no manager. I've been cleaning ... more »

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Wow, LOVE it!!! Nicely done!

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what about Savatgy?

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Our local 2 year college has a welding certification. There is a basic welding class that briefly covers torch, mig, tig, and stick. If you have a local place that hires welders, stop in and ask them what you need to learn to get a job there. They may ... more »

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College loan programs need a makeover. They need to cap them based on earning potential in the field you are studying! These garbage degrees will just go away then and kids won't rack up 6 figure loans. Granted, I graduated college in 1994, but came ... more »

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WOW, nice save! Not sure how you would ever want to get over about 30 mph after that!

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In my opinion, he needs help with one thing and one thing only - FOCUS. He seems to lose focus making one small mistake costing him either places, or injuring him. He is fast, no doubt. I think if his focus improves, his confidence goes up, he runs in ... more »

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I'm with Harry, - FUGLY!

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I think you are viewing it all wrong. Yup, the C-ship is over in the 450's, but now you can go and watch the action a bit farther back in the pack. Do you honestly think that Zack-O and Anderson are going lay up and coast? Roczen? Those guys aren't wired ... more »

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IT Manager, Healthcare. Pays the bills, but Healthcare is pretty stressful with all of the diminishing reimbursements. What once was a stable industry is now a mess.

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Keifer did a podcast that was sort of like this, but he bolted on the JGR kit. Basically, he said you could purchase a leftover RMZ and the JGR engine kit for close to the same amount you'd spend on most of the other bikes. The podcast focused solely ... more »

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I'm in! I'm pretty sure I could line up one track for sure over in the SW side.

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Wait, you guys buy a bike for it's riding traits???? I just buy the ones that look good to me! Maybe because I'm old and slow. "If you can't go fast, look fast!"

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I'd pass on him. He seems to hit the ground way too often. You can't win, when you don't line up.

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My son is looking for a Toy Hauler that he can live in for 18 months while at flight school in Alabama next spring. He wants one that has a separate garage and is a 5th wheel style. He has a 3/4 ton Ram pickup. Anyone have any recommendations on what ... more »

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When did Tomac say he didn't want to go. Last I heard him say in an interview was that he wanted a bit of revenge for last year.

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For the head, put it on a known flat surface. I've heard of people using glass. Use a feeler gauge and go around trying to fit it under the head. I don't know how to do it for the cylinder. If I had to check, I'd send it to someone reputable to check ... more »

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Scotch brite will be fine as long as the nikasil coating is still in good shape. I don't know Husky's that much, but with some manufacturers, they have multiple cylinders and tag them like and A or B cylinder. The difference is the bore size. If yours ... more »