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That MIGHT be how KTM does it but it's very ignorant of you to assume that that's how they all do it. Destination and setup are 2 SEPARATE lines on the invoice from kawi meaning the dealership is being charged regardless. Pretty stupid business decision to just eat that for every bike sale. I've been working at a honda kawi dealer for 16 years and I can assure you that theirs no reimbursement from either one. The setup fee for a dirtbike is not 600 dollars either...u really went in deep to pull that number out of your ass.

Setting up a kx250f for example takes about an hour. It's not just as simple as uncrating it and rolling it into the show room. U have to find it, uncrate it, then install the front tire, fender, handlebars and all the controls that go on the bars. THEN we give the bike a good once over to make sure everything arrived from kawi ok (ever hear of crate damage?), put a wrench on all the crucial nuts and bolts (axles, drain plugs, etc) and mark them with a red touch up pen so we and the customer know it was done. More steps are taken of course if it's been sold already and needs to be Pdi'd. We also give the buyer the option of taking the bike in the crate and waiving the setup fee. 99% of people have us do it. It sounds like the dealership you work at doesn't really have the customers best interest in mind. People appreciate service taking the time to make sure their 9k bike is 100% ready to go when they take delivery of it, not just rush through the pdi in an attempt to save money because you're not charging anything for it.

20 years of experience and you may think you know what you're talking about but you clearly don't. Have a great day.

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Narrower rim on the 250f's if your going off oem specs. Other than that they'll cross over with no issues other than 19+ front wheels like was already mentioned.

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Anyone have a link for the conversion kit and know if it will also work on an 07 KX250. Thanks.

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Ya fuck those guys in service who set customers bikes up properly and safe so they're ready to use. Why on earth do they deserve to be paid...

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You're missing the point but clearly you see yourself as the victim and don't want to take any responsibility for what happened. If you called they said they had it and you went there and they didn't then ya of course you have every right to be pissed ... more »

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They can. Parts Unlimited started drop shipping direct to customers 2-3 months ago, any dealer can do it for you. WPS does as well but there fee is a little higher I believe. I want to say it's $8 with PU. In my department if you're getting a few things ... more »

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All that could have been avoided with a 30 second phone call. Not saying the dealer wasn't in the wrong there also but it would have been very simple to do. What if you walked in there to buy it and someone else was in the process of buying it or left ... more »

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100% agree. The guy who said lock ons are thicker is incorrect. You would think it would be that way but it's not the case. Thin tube and thin rubber material some how gets it done. I know this because of how far around my fingers reach on ODI's compared ... more »

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Knowing what they fit would be helpful. If you don't know, part numbers should be on the ecu's somewhere. Mainly interested in the kawis but if they're the years I'm looking for I'll take all 3 for 1k. DM me the info and maybe I can take all 3 off your ... more »

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Just send you a private message on here. Or you can message thru email or social media if you have it to make it easier.

Thanks for reaching out 🙌🏻

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I'm guessing you are looking for the entire system? I do have that. Just know a TI6 Slip on will not work on an OEM header.

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Back ordered with PC and they are unsure if they'll be making any more. Cannot find on any of the online stores. Doesn't have to be PC either, not sure what other companies may have been making one at that time. Thanks.

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15 years with no issues...agree to disagree. Maybe if you're an idiot and don't wash the cylinder out after you hone it then you would have problems.

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I guess it is. You guys are missing the point. HRC is probably the best team a rider could hope to be on when it comes to support. They get the best of everything and you'll never hear "we cant afford that". With that being said and the deep pockets ... more »

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I heard on pulp that tomac has already signed an extension with kawi. Anyone else here that? As for HRC the only thing they need to do is can seely as he has done nothing for that team. I understand he's the # 2 rider but with the support he's getting ... more »

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Still have yet to see mine and i don't see much with the tracking. I emailed you a while back but never heard back from you. Any update? Thanks.

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No. I bought your typical cylinder ball hone for a 125. Then later on I bought another one for a 250 cylinder.

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Couldnt help but notice you didnt mention the previous gen 450 which only had a 3 year run, 16-18. What's to say the 250 won't follow suit? All these bikes are so good now you're seeing the big 6 really push each other to try and separate themselves ... more »

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Do what your book says and go ride. You're a new rider with a fresh new bike so I get why you're being cautious, over thinking things and asking lots of questions on here. There's a lot of people on here who think their way is the best way but Yamaha ... more »

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Been doing it like that with the ball hone since 05 with 0 issues. started doing it when i got cylinders back from langcourt and asked how they hone them, and that's what they told me. To each their long as your deglazing the wall and being ... more »