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Some of you guys really bullied Milestone into adding Waypoint into an MXGP game. I honestly don't understand the attraction 1 bit, would've rather they spent the time and effort on improving the game physics

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I'm also doing a replica of his 98 outdoor/mxdn bike, but i'm already 4 years into collecting parts and maybe another 4 years from it being finished! Hoping for an exact full factory build though when it's done! Cool start, keep us posted

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That's cool!

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Maybe people were getting confused with Husaberg

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Poor PR cover up attempt by the team. I'd be pissed off if i was Sterry! Dick move by Jacobi and even bigger dick move after the moto.

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Yes it will last, my Thor is holding up better than any kit i've used in the past. I use POD K8 knee braces with no wear on the knees.

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Few pics of ours that we've just had built by Holab Concepts. We had plenty of options but we felt this was the best layout for a LWB High top Sprinter. Double bed above full-width garage plus a bench that pulls out to a double bed with 2 x 130 litre

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So glad they posted this, I was 99% backing AC before, now i'm 100%. Watching Cooper's interview after watching the GoPro above was cringeworthy. AC entered the track and then gave him even more gap than he had before he made the mistake. Not sure on ... more »

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We use the Moto Clix system in our motorhome. It works really well and when you want to clean it out or use the full garage it just clips out with 1 clip instantly. Takes up a lot less room than the Risk Racing system when not in use and works even better

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That’s exactly what i’m saying. There’s no doubt the latest KTM/Husky are great bikes but yes my TM is faster and it is bone stock. When i changed the piston I was in awe over seeing the crankcases all CNC machined and hand finished internally. Absolute ... more »

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I race a 2019 TM 125, coming from a Husky 125 last year that had VHM Crank, Head, Piston, Vforce 4R and HGS pipe. Husky was quick but this is equally as fast if not faster. Doesn't have the best bottom end but you quickly adapt. I love the TM to bits.

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Nope someone i know emailed them and they confirmed they've removed that feature this year...cheers for letting us know before we renewed!! I have an older generation Apple TV so don't have the apps anyway. Think this should be Number 1 on the To-do ... more »

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I want the Airplay option back so i can stream it from my phone to my Apple TV. Not cool how they just dropped that feature this year for some reason without saying...

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Nice find! Be interesting to hear more about them, I guess soon...

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I think a small apology is in order now ML512 has shut down your claims

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You say that, but 250 2t are allowed in EMX250 class at GPs, and hardly anyone races a 2 stroke

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Not sure if it's been posted about yet, but it seems JR Reyes is riding a Revo Husqvarna 125 in the EMX125 class at the St Jean d'Angely GP this weekend in France. Anyone know how he's been riding lately? Wonder if any expectations or just to have fun... ... more »

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Good to see he's finally getting in the top 20, seems he's changed his tune a little since this interview before his first GP... "I am not sure the class is as deep here as in America, first to 15th in America is tough. I mean these guys are amazing ... more »

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I think I just proved you wrong...