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I like the way Fasthouse have played the game. I don't get the impression they're after Ken Roczen.

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Wheres Shaun Palmer!?

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I used to listen to a good 6 hours + a week till it dawned on me I was spending all this time accruing vast amounts of pointless knowledge and moto trivia. haha. Now tend to use the time listening to audio books and more broader podcasts like some Joe ... more »

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Coming from the UK I must say I'm quite confused reading some of these comments. Most practice tracks days are run in groups: Youth Intermediate Advance Works out fine and adds a bit of intensity to your 20 min session as you wait for it patiently and ... more »

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Pathetic. And ultimately, will have the unintended affect of getting more people talking about Deano's sponser and asking whats under the black tape...

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Lurker disclaimer alert (I made the film) haha. So I was stoked to read this comment and see the message of the film is getting across. I could never afford to ride moto as much as I wanted to as a kid and BMX was my refuge! GuyB has deep roots with ... more »

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You're not the only one... that movie changed my life too. haha

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Hands up who had this on VHS? [embed] (Troy Adamatis's early work, prob a side gig to Fresno Smooth haha...) She's still so rad. haha

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Agreed. Its disgusting and money is the last thing he or his family should be worrying about right now.

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I was hoping Jordan was an MX fan when I clicked on this. haha Agree with Monk re Herlings.

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I hope Stewie is in a good place mentally and not suffering from depression or anything. Despite the wild successes, there is something tragic about his career.

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I can wheelie and manual (much harder) MTB and BMXs but not motos... Thing is, thing about the seat time most of us get. If its anything like me, you turn up to a practise track and bust out laps, theres so much else to take in and worry about. When ... more »

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Can't get it to work from UK either.. can't even get to a purchase page for some reason. Any bootleg streams?

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I didn't realise people were still judgemental about weed. haha

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Don't think it was the dumbest, just had the harshest outcome with that freak injury. If they'd tumbled and got up fine we wouldn't be talking about it. Most of the dudes have block passes as harsh on their highlights reel. Like Marvin's last week seemed ... more »

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Has he updated anyone on how his new injury healed? That thing looked butchered post surgery. The poor bastard doesn't have a "good arm" now. Hard to imagine riding at that level for 2 x 40 mins with amount of scar tissue + trauma those arms have been ... more »

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This is why we need Roczen healthy...

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Hey man.
Wondered if I could ask you some questions about the UK sidecar scene?
If so, whats the best way to get in touch?
Here is my email: fraserbyrne @ gmail. com

ps, here is my work, this is a serious enquiry despite that thread. haha

Thanks man.

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