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I have attended the race once. We went to the stadium early, there is a lot to see and do before the races start. Overall it was a great experience and I will go again. When the idea of the first race was announced it was pitched as an Open Class race ... more »

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I try to attend one SX race a year, usually STL. I have never been to a Pro Motocross event, just local stuff. I like the GP series a lot but with the pay to view this year, I did not watch any. I set the DVR for SX, MX, and whatever else I can find ... more »

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"Ultimately, I could care less what other media outlets or the industry guard thinks. I'm not here to be another old school media outlet. Going about my work in the same way as the existing is just asking for myself to never succeed. Beyond that, I want ... more »

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I had the pleasure of attending a KTM Ride Day at Central Florida MX yesterday. KTM brought just the MX models and WMR Competition Performance brought Cone Valve suspension on a 350SX. I was really only interested in the 250SX and 450SX so I rode both ... more »

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I thought both the video and written shootout were excellent. Probably the best ever by any publication. I say this because you provided space for all the riders to give their complete opinions. We readers all were provided with a test rider we could ... more »

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I really enjoyed the shoot out video. I am curious about the YZ450FX and how much it shares with the YZ450F for 2019? I am sure the transmission is different. I really want to know if the larger fuel tank will bolt right on the YZ450F. I mainly race ... more »