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Unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to go to the hospital imediately, as I believed that they couldn't do anything anyways. From what I understand now it's too late now though, as there is only a possibility to see it after 7-10 days...

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So I rang my bell 2 and a half weeks ago, I wasn't unconscious but had some peripheral vision trouble for like 20 minutes after that. No throwing up, not even an upset stomach. Just a very slight headache in the evening, but I have that quite often after ... more »

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This is it right here, case closed! Thank you

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Did anyone else notice that the camera pointed at turn 2-3 has a weird filter on it? Looks like a VHS from the 80s. No, this is not bad, everything is cool, keep calm keyboard warriors. 😂 I'm just really curious what's going on there? All the other cameras ... more »

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The hidden button on the Yamaha looks like the GET button for launch control/traction control. It's more of a push button than a switch, so it's probably not for mapping.

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So a lot of people were just saying that they don't like the idea of ronnie getting a full time show and would rather have heard Jimmy himself, and I think that's valid critism. And then other people get completely butthurt about that critism and call ... more »

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I wonder if there is any lecture or course that teaches the basics of revalving? Every single suspension shop I tried only did very shitty work, ranging from not reassembling something correctly to sending us springs that were 2 spring rates too soft ... more »

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During winter I only get to ride once a week, if the weather allows for it at all and I notice how I don't even really develop a good feel for the bike and stay stiff all the time. During summer I manage to ride twice per week and that's much better, ... more »

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