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Great job on the rebuild, coming out awesome!! I really wanted to do the 82 RM250 but found an all original 125 in decent shape and couldn't pass it up. A little story on a 82 RM250. Back in 82-83 myself and a couple friends were squirrel hunting in

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I think Kawi and Tomac gets it done this year!! Should be fun to watch Zack mixing it up and running up front.

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I'd still buy the Honda. I like good handling. Sounds like you might have to ride it like a 125, but that's OK in my book!

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M.L. great breakdown of all the bikes!!! As it is now the Honda will never have low end as strong as the other bikes. It has the shortest stroke, slowest piston speed per revolution, less stroke leverage and large intake valves. It takes a little more rpm's to get the air moving, it is what it is. More mid and top seems to be the new trend for 250f's and Honda with a great chassis, suspension and new motor is moving in the right direction as is the rest of the bikes in the class. Even Yamaha loss a little bottom and gained more up top this year. Good to see Suzuki made engines changes. People complained when Honda didn't have any top end and now probably the same people complain it doesn't have a lot of bottom end. People need to quit complaining as much and start practicing and riding more. LOL

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Like it a lot clean and simple. Bike looks even better on Craig's Instagram pic!!

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The Belzona you want to use would be 1391, 1391T, or 1593. There are used in full immersion environments and higher temperature applications, that's the key. Pull off adhesion strengths are between 4,000 to 6,000 depending on which one. Temperature range ... more »

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Nice build, keep posting updates!!

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How long before the 250f shootout happens?

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I always put the cases in an oven and heat them up to around to around 180-190 degrease F and freeze the bearings, the bearings will drop in usually without even having to tap them in with a hammer. It eliminates the risk of the bearing catching and ... more »

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Yea fix it now, I had Millennium fix a few cylinders and they do good work. If it's deep they will have to weld it back up but no big deal to repair. That is a area that gets really hot and where most of the time the Nikasil will first start flaking. ... more »

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Right now I have the Belzona 1212 which is good for crack in metals. On there site they list quite a few used for corrosion protection, abrasion protection and chemical resistant for all sorts of uses. When I get a minute I’ll pull up the site ... more »
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I finally got a chance to ride a 18 a couple weeks ago and I thought the chassis and suspension was sweet, it cornered like a dream and It definitely cornered better then my 14. The motor was soft on the bottom but it pulled pretty strong in the revs. ... more »

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Nice find, that was the bike to ride in 86. I would try and protect the magnesium housing to stop further corrosion because it will continue to corrode. Try and find some Belzona epoxy. Belzona epoxy is used in the oil and gas industry for all sorts ... more »

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Even if the stator ohms out OK it still can be bad and the bike not fire or run bad, seen this happen a few times. Stators can do some weird things and have you scratching your head because it tested OK

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Cool, thanks for sharing!!!

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So much amazing young talent out there. For his age Jet is phenom. Jalek Swoll and Carter Halpin are unbelievably FAST. One to definitely watch out for is Ty Masterpool, kid was unreal to watch on a 125 at Loretta's. Just really getting on the 250F he's ... more »

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My guess is Honda doesn't really care what people say or think and can be stubborn and hard headed when it comes to things like media, press, release dates or most things in that line. They are by far the largest seller of 2 wheel motorcycles excluding ... more »

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Dirt bike magazine 2018 250f dyno
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Oh and all 3 of the bikes the stators went out, Honda did have issues with stators going out back then.