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Definitely gotta give it more listens.. The song Fear Inoculum I was pretty disappointed in the first two times I heard it, gave it a couple more listens and its almost in my top 10 favorite tool songs, this band is also known for having songs that take ... more »

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My blood pressure went up trying to read all the options.

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Downhill mountain biking. Nothing better than yelling and laughing with your buddies while launching road gaps and shredding huge berms.

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Well Shat! I mean, congrats Kaden!

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For console, ps4 pro with a 4k tv is pretty damn great. I would pick pc over both of these because there's so many options for moto games. All comes down to budget, you get what you pay for.

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I always find it funny how people think after the first race it is going to resemble how their season is gonna be.. Things will most likely flip after the next couple races, as much as id love to see Roczen dominate outdoors I cant assume its gonna be ... more »

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Rode one of the brand new gpx 250's at work and it came with gas trapped in the floats in the carb, not a very good first impression. Overall very cheaply made bikes, and copied from other brands.

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Man.. I'm only 19 and don't plan on having kids for another decade but this thread is so great. You guys seem like great parents and the kind of dad I want to be when I'm older with kids of my own. I rode moto since I was 5, stopped last year. But in ... more »

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Well if his mechanic is smart he couldnt tell Tomac because then he would choke once he knows he has a chance. I predict Ralph and Ricky will be going ape shit the entire main event about how Tomac has a shot and Webb will walk away with the championship ... more »

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I'm not a tree hugger but I would make an exception and give that tree a very thankful hug if I was John Gregory. Lol.

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Why judge a stock bike? Get a black seat, graphics kit, pipe, what ever suits your fancy and it would be a badass looking bike. Same goes for alot of other stock bikes over the years.

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MXGP 1.5

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I had an idea recently which will be pretty much perfect for bike theft, install a gps chip in the frame from the factory before they weld it to the lower half of the frame around where you legs are.. another pro is if they try to remove it it'll be ... more »

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The shift from last season's broadcasts to this one is markedly declined this season. Starting with the broadcast "team", RC has mostly slugged along with his limited vocabulary and ingrained biases, and his boothmate is as stale as he has been for a few seasons ( where's Emig or KDub? ). The real injustice is with...more

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That whoop section looked almost too easy. His suspension is dialed.

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The stars have to align at some point for Roczen. I have to give mad respect for his mindset and still come out swinging every weekend even though its almost unreal how his luck has been this year.

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Shaking camera, skipping the questions the guy asks js7, bad editing, children screaming in the back the whole time.. Seriously we all waited 2 years to hear from this dude and we get that. Great video from what he says but other than that it was just a mess.

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Money and injuries. Personally I find mountain biking more fun with buddies and easier to just get out and ride whenever, I still have a big bore 110 to get my urges out.

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You arent the only one. Pretty sure he made that up.