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The dude is 37 and still beating some of the fastest guys in the world in the top 15. I don't know why anyone couldn't respect what this guy is doing, he is doing it out of pure love for the sport and for the fans.

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That is possibly the most ridiculous comparison I've seen on Vital. Seeing a crash a few times is the same as kicking an animal? You fell off your rocker dude. Nobody enjoys seeing a rider getting hurt, its just the curiosity and trying to see what happened ... more »

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Should be a both option. I personally like having a couple throughout the year.

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Tool's song AEnema is becoming more and more relevant as time goes on with California.

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Stoked to see/hear anything James has to say about the sport! Please please please please get James on the broadcasts!

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I went through PayPal for that exact reason, I couldn't even take money off of my card to put it into my account, so I didnt run into your exact issue but still had an issue with the card. But yes I have the cash, just takes awhile. I would try withdrawing ... more »

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Take this from someone who use to play this game a ton for a year or two after it came out, use to get top 100 in the world occasionally out of 200k people. I just found out they had a esports section to win money a week or two ago after not playing ... more »

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Sick gear!

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Hauling stuff around in this truck would kill battery life. Cool concept but poorly executed, this is the first Tesla vehicle where it literally is too expensive for the specs you get. I encourage everyone to go watch Doug Demuro's review on Youtube, ... more »

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Finally a good rider. I have to say, it looks pretty damn solid! Whips are still weak, but I'm glad to see it looks like they worked on the physics when it comes to losing momentum randomly and trying to be smooth. You could nail the exact same line ... more »

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I'm not gonna go into detail about the physics and all of that for this game, I will comment on the track layouts in this compared to before. The tracks being wide are probably the best thing they could of done in this game when it comes to the tracks. ... more »

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I have always wished they would remaster that game for newer consoles and pc. Just everything about it is a blast!

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He pulled a Pastrana, Doug Henry and a JS7 all in 2 seconds. I still cant believed he pulled that off!

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Depends on your intentions. Some people enjoy mountain biking just to go fast everywhere and not waste energy on the climbs. Cant please everyone.

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The only people who hate on e-bikes are the guys who never rode one. Ive seen guys 100% against them, then ride one and come back smiling ear to ear. These bikes are an absolute blast, sick bikes you guys have here, might be my next investment.

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Definitely gotta give it more listens.. The song Fear Inoculum I was pretty disappointed in the first two times I heard it, gave it a couple more listens and its almost in my top 10 favorite tool songs, this band is also known for having songs that take ... more »

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My blood pressure went up trying to read all the options.

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Downhill mountain biking. Nothing better than yelling and laughing with your buddies while launching road gaps and shredding huge berms.

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Well Shat! I mean, congrats Kaden!