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Doesn't surprise me at all, just one of those quantity over quality companies. They've been using the same physics engines for yearsss across mxgp, motogp and all of their other motorsports games.

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Mx sim is basically made to run on almost any computer. Spending over $1000 on a pc nowadays you can EASILY run it at 120fps. It is probably one of the least demanding games out there. Also, with the new gpu's coming out, you can get a gtx1070 or gtx1080 ... more »

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Before I sold my bike, I used simple green all the time. Ended up fading alot of parts and ruins anodizing after awhile. I use Maxima Biowash, I use this on every type of bike I have, spray it on, use some brushes and it looks brand new every time. I ... more »

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He's by no means the best, but every time I watch him my hole tightens up a bit when I see him nose down so damn hard.

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Ive played pretty much every moto game there is, the supercross games are pretty damn fun. Id pick MES 3 any day over the mxgp games. MES 3 is by far the best one milestone has made.

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Since almost anything you see online lately is negative or about politics. I wanted to start a forum of some of the best stories you guys have related to motocross. Can be funny, serious, an accomplishment, (another J-Law story?), or anything that comes ... more »

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I just turned 21. I have never taken my cars or motorcycles to a shop for repairs. I've saved THOUSANDS doing everything myself, even if it involved alot of bloody knuckles and took an entire weekend. I always felt good knowing it was done correctly ... more »

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My personal favorite from recent years.

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Obviously this would never happen, his announcing skills are good but his voice just doesn't fit for SX. Now that I think about it, Ralph should start commentating marble races.

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First time I did graphics was for an event at my work for our bikes. Basically, just doing it is the only way to learn. I did them off the bike with a heat gun and it was dry. I found that making sure you wash your hands before it helps alot for when

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Never ran it on any of my bikes, but 13 might be one of the best looking numbers.

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You are not wrong. My buddies and I all have inside jokes on a daily bases about what Ralph has said. It is some good entertainment at the end of the day, but not for racing.

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Is Skip okay?

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To the dumbgeon you go..

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RC has been stepping up his game, love when he goes inside the riders head and gives insight since he use to be in same spot in his career. He knows how to build up a battle that is brewing.. Ralph is going in the complete opposite direction. When Ralph ... more »

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My buddy and I have been best friends since we were 12 and always were moto fans, we rode all the time at each others houses and wherever we could, but rarely at tracks because we were young and it was out of the way to go ride. Fast forward to our senior ... more »

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All we want is him to return for us fans to show him some love and a farewell for all the great racing he's given us over his career. Anything more than that is just chad being chad and doing what he loves, it'll be the icing on the cake to see him ride ... more »

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Holy leverage.

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Its on youtube on Supercross's page.