Mike Sottile // Jake Abbot // 2011 Shots

What we've got here is another raw-edit from this past Summer.  Jimmy D
was last month and now in the limelight we've got Mike Sottile and Jake
Abbott.  Both these kids have a flashy style and know how to rip.  Hence
the reason they get the phone calls when there is a video to be made.
 I figured with their easy to watch style and plenty of footage to use,
another video was needed and a raw edit could do the job.  Not to
mention we've got some never-before-seen 2 stroke footage in here as
well, and there is no way in hell I'm about to throw music over that.
 There are way too many people on YouTube that absolutely freak about
that stuff.

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Credit: Danny53 / www.motolimelight.com

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