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The Web Pro Knee Brace (WEB Pro) is the latest evolution in EVS Sports premium knee brace offering. The WEB Pro is constructed with a sleek, lightweight, twin wall carbon fiber reinforced polymer frame. Other features include an anatomically engineered fit, new Tru-Motion 3.0 hinges and a dual defense knee cup system that offers full coverage at all times. The WEB Pro was designed, tested and constructed with the same stringent standards of excellence that have helped make EVS Sports synonymous with rider protection and safety.

“The WEB Pro Knee Brace is the culmination of 30 years’ designing, developing and producing sport knee braces here at EVS,” stated EVS Sports Marketing Manager Brent Harden. “We have long been known as the industry leader in motocross knee protection, so when the concept of a new knee brace was first discussed we knew that we wanted to accomplish 3 key objectives; Increasing protection, reducing weight, and exceeding the standards of comfort that we have come to expect from a knee brace. We took the very best features of our past braces, updated them and integrated them with new features such as the industry first twin wall carbon fiber reinforced polymer frame, lighter and stronger Tru-Motion 3.0 hinges and a removable/washable Shark Skin neoprene liner. The result is the most protective and comfortable off the shelf knee brace on the market.”

WEB Pro FeaturesIndustry first lightweight and durable twin wall carbon fiber reinforced polymer frame provides increased rigidity and impact protection while improving knee stabilization.
Dual Defense total tracking knee cup design that provides full coverage at all times.
Fully adjustable micro suede straps that are removable, washable and replaceable.
Shark Skin neoprene liner that include a comfort cuff strap to reduce brace migration: Fully removable, washable and replaceable.
Tru-Motion 3.0 Hinges- (TM3.0) Featuring a dual alloy hinge, the TM3.0 is designed to control motion, suspension and rotation of the brace while on the leg. The hinges reduce shear forces to the knee and surrounding ligaments, thus reducing any extra stress to the knee, while also encouraging complete shell-to-leg contact throughout full flexion and extension. The TM3.0 hinges accomplish this by mimicking your knee's natural motion while providing flexion and extension control. The TM3.0 system includes adjustable hyperextension lockouts that allow personalized adjustment.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL // Sold individually or in pairs
S9” – 12” / 15” – 18”
M12” – 14” / 18” – 20”
L14” – 16” / 20” – 23”
XL16” – 18” / 23” – 26”
Price: $425/each $799/pair

The WEB Pro Knee Brace is available online at www.evs-sports.com and at finer dealers everywhere.

About EVS Sports

Founded in 1985, EVS Sports continues to be the leading innovator of motocross and street bike protective gear. Originally established as a motocross specific knee brace manufacturer starting with the AMX-5, EVS has evolved into an extensive line of knees braces, neck supports, helmets, chest/back protection and a long list of protective gear to keep riders safe on the track or on the street. For more information on EVS Sports, please visit www.evs-sports.com; or find us on Instagram.com/evssports, Twitter.com/evssports and Facebook.com/evssports.

Credit: EVS

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