Dunlop Geomax MX53 Tires

First Look: Dunlop Geomax MX53
A new intermediate/hard-pack tire to replace the MX52.

Vital MX: Dunlop themselves concedes that a lot of their pro and amateur racers use their MX33 tires most of the time, it seems that Dunlop has worked hard in developing a intermediate/hard-pack tire that exceeds the current performance of the MX52 to offer a better option when track surfaces start to get baked-out and hard. With a new tread pattern, new carcass layup, and new rubber compound, Dunlop claims the new MX53 tire extends its performance parameters further into the intermediate zone as to have more overlap with the MX33, while also increasing durability.

For our initial ride on the MX53s we were at Perris Raceway to spin some laps. The MX53s were spooned on to our 2020 KX450 and we hit the track. Overall, the first thing that impressed us was the front tire's performance under braking. The new tread pattern, that has a "horseshoe shape" was designed with that in mind. Also, the rear tire had a surprising amount of grip when leaned over, even in the softer, more intermediate parts of the track. And, of course, the MX53 had an substancial amount of grip on the few hard-packed, dry, dusty sections of the track. Each time I went through this rock hard left bowl turn, I went faster and faster trying to find where the tires would give up the ghost, and they continued to hold on to the track. 

Mud and super soft, powdery silt are still not the tires forte and you do have to be a little cognizant of that when the track is freshly watered. But, this is just our first ride on the tires and we plan to take them to multiple tracks to test in a variety of conditions and the durability of the new MX53s. 

Press Release From Dunlop 

The next generation of ultimate off-road performance.

Designed to offer performance in a wider variety of terrains, the Geomax MX53 excels in hard-packed track conditions while also offering greater versatility in intermediate riding conditions. The MX53 will give riders more versatility with better performance in a wider variety of terrains.

  • MORE durability
  • MORE performance
  • MORE terrain
  • MORE versatility
  • MORE sizes
  • Fits MORE bikes
  • MORE knob flex
  • MORE blocks
  • MORE Durability
  • MORE bump absorption
  • MORE Slide Control

The MX53 tire is available now and in a full range of sizes.

Clark Stiles Senior Test Engineer

13 Years with Dunlop

"When testing new tires, the very first thing I notice is handling and compliance. It is extremely important to me that the MX53 tire maintained the well-known Geomax handling characteristics, while also excelling in a wider variety of terrain. The new tread pattern we developed allowed us to accomplish both.”

Tread Pattern:

A brand-new pattern on both the front and rear tires allowed Dunlop to improve the range of performance across multiple terrains while also achieving additional performance goals.

Tread Pattern:


Dunlop has introduced a groundbreaking horseshoe shaped cluster of knobs to the front tire of the MX53. This horseshoe pattern acts as a giant claw to dig into the ground and give the rider even more traction on hard-packed terrain and maximizes breaking grip. This bold new pattern features hollowed out portions of the center of the tread. The hollow area of this horseshoe cluster results in less stiffness in the center of the tire, giving riders better feedback and more compliance. The MX53 also has a taller profile than the previous MX52, providing gentler handling, a higher lean angle and better maneuverability. Additionally, each of the blocks are 1 mm higher. This extra height is what allows the MX53 to perform better in intermediate terrains, extending the range and versatility of this tire.

Tread Pattern:


The rear tire enhancements include a reemergence of Dunlop’s Tornado Wave block distribution. The staggered placement of the rear tire blocks provide a more linear land ratio for more ride compliance. The consistent placement of knobs along the shoulder of the tire increases confidence at greater lean angles. However, the interior blocks have more separation, which allows loose soil from softer terrains to clear the spaces more easily, while also exposing more surface area of the knobs to the dirt when more traction is needed for harder surfaces. 

Brian Fleck Technical Support Manager

32 Years with Dunlop

"After seeing how well the updated Block-In-A-Block shape performed on the MX33, it was clear that we needed to introduce that same updated technology to the MX53 front and rear tires to maximize performance for hard-packed track conditions and allow the tire to also work better in a more intermediate terrain.”

Progressive Cornering Block Technology:

Dunlop’s patented Progressive Cornering Block Technology has become an industry standard. A smaller block within the traditional knob, commonly known as Block-In-A-Block, has been incorporated into Dunlop’s rear off-road tires for many generations of tire patterns. Dunlop continues to raise the bar by evolving this traditional block into altered shapes to increase durability and tire performance.

The new Geomax MX53 now also features Dunlop’s patented Block-In-A-Block technology on the front tire, which allows enhanced flex on each knob resulting in ultimate grip and even more biting edges. The tie bars connecting the base of the knobs add heightened durability to enhance performance in harder terrains. The individual flex of each knob improves linear tracking and aids in steering, as the block can now flex around various terrain elements.

 The Block-In-A-Block technology in the rear tire incorporates the Diamond Block design that was introduced with great success on the MX33. The diamond shape of this altered knob increases the surface area of the block, enhancing stability and slide control. Two additional angles increase the number of biting edges to dig into the dirt. The updated Block-In-A-Block shape has also been added to the rear tire along the shoulder. This wider knob provides a steady base to maximize traction along the outer edge of the tire’s surface.

The compound for the MX53 tires has a higher number of molecular polymer particles. This results in a higher fracture strength, meaning more durability. Dunlop has also added more fine carbon particles. The carbon particles are responsible for grip. More Durability. More Grip. What more could you ask for?

Broc Glover Sr. Manager, Off-Road Motorcycle

18 Years with Dunlop

"The compound is an instrumental aspect of how a tire performs. Striking the optimal balance between durability and performance is the key to bringing a tire to market that works for the majority of riders.”

Rob Fox Amateur Motocross Support Manager

5 Years with Dunlop

"Although it’s under the surface of the tire and something that isn’t visible, our Advanced Apex Design technology is one of the most important elements of the tire and is directly related to rider comfort. People have noticed the difference in the MX33, so it made sense for us to add this same component to the MX53, where people will be using this tire in even harder terrains.”

In the construction process of the MX53, Dunlop has added Advanced Apex Design technology. This component of the tire’s construction is present in both the front and rear tire. The Apex of the tire previously consisted of a small strip of material wrapped around the apex of the bead. By extending this apex further into the tire’s natural construction, Dunlop is able to increase ride compliance by spreading the forces of weight on the tire across the breadth of the profile. Distributing the force in this manner increases bump absorption and allows more flex and better ride compliance. Incorporating this element strikes a perfect balance between a plush ride and a firm feel.

Multiple Block Distribution

Helping to contribute to the aggressive look of the MX53 is a change to the distribution of knobs on both the shoulder and the interior of the front and rear tires. This new feature, Multiple Block Distribution, not only increases the number of knobs, but also varies the height and angles within the placement. This translates to more corners to dig into the dirt, creating superior grip and increased handling performance.

Mike Buckley Senior VP Sales and Marketing

26 Years with Dunlop

"We know how important it is to our customers to come to market with a strong lineup that supports all of our riders. When you see the next generation of a tire, and hear how well it performs, you don’t want to have to wait to try it yourself.”

When Dunlop introduces a new tire, the development timeline spans across years. Different compounds are paired with different tread patterns and tested cross-country on different tracks until the tire meets every one of Dunlop’s performance goals. The MX53 was tested on tracks from Florida to California to ensure that the performance enhancements were universal.

With the starting gates at every SX and MX race stacked with Dunlop riders, Dunlop has the advantage of calling on top names in the industry to provide guidance on performance characteristics. Team Dunlop Elite riders were also consulted during the testing process to ensure that the upgrades in the tire’s performance also spanned into the mini size lineup. Dunlop is proud to come to market with a new hard-to-intermediate terrain tire that works for everyone.


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Dunlop Geomax MX53 Tires
- Multi-ply carcass, advanced polymer construction
- Block-in-a-block technology
- More polymer particles, fine carbon particles
- Advanced apex design
- Multiple block distribution
- Full range of sizes (spec chart included with images above)
The front tire has a taller profile to offer a larger contact patch, providing gentler handling, a higher lean angle, and better maneuverability.

MX53 front tire blocks are 1mm higher and have been redistributed to give riders better steering feel and more biting edges.

A horseshoe pattern of blocks on the front tire reduces the stiffness in the center of the tire to offer greater ride compliance. The unique pattern of the horseshoe blocks also grabs the dirt to provide better braking grip.

Block-In-A-Block technology has been added to the front tire of the MX53 in order to aid in linear tracking and improved steering.

The altered Block-In-A-Block shape on the rear tire allows for added flex in the knob to enhance grip while providing stability and slide control.

Front and rear tires include tie bars between select knobs to reduce flex at the base of the knobs, improving durability.

Dunlop’s Advanced Apex Design improves shock absorption by diffusing shock through a taller, thinner apex inside the sidewall.

Compounds on the front and rear tire enhance durability and longevity.

Works in a mix of packed and loose soil.
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