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Review by Shane Anderson // Photos by Shane Anderson and Michael Lindsay

When talking about bike setup, riders often focus on items like jetting specs, EFI mapping, and suspension clickers. But the one thing that you rarely hear anyone comment on is their sag adjustment. This can be an overlooked adjustment, despite one that's often recommended specifically by suspension tuners. This is probably related to a bike's sag being difficult and a bit time-consuming to adjust. That's where X-Trig's Preload Adjuster comes in handy, since it makes setting sag as simple as turning a T-handle.

X-Trig Preload Adjuster Highlights:

  • 20-24:1 turning ratio, approximately 20-24 turns equals one revolution of the preload adjuster.
  • Easy adjustment of sag using an 8mm socket.
  • Hard anodized finish for durability and to enhance the look of your bike.
  • MSRP $169.99

First Impressions:

The adjuster is fairly simple in design and its operation is straightforward. The instillation, however, can be a bit time-consuming if you do this yourself. In order to install the adjuster, the shock must be taken off the bike and the shock spring removed. you then spin the stock lock rings off, spin the X-Trig adjuster on, and re-install the shock. The easiest way to do this, however, is to have a suspension shop install it during a rebuild or during a re-valve as I did. The design is pretty ingenious as there are tabs that align with the shock's reservoir (the design varies by brand). These keep the adjuster aligned in the same spot, and only the inner threaded portion rotates on the shock body. That means no jam rings, and you can leaves your hammer and punches at home. It also means fewer busted knuckles for you.

In the Shop and At the Track:

Sag adjustments often end up "close enough." No one likes trying to get in there with a tiny spanner wrench, or a hammer and punch. Some bikes, like the KTM shown here, are pretty open around the shock. Others, like on the Kawasaki seen further down the page, don't offer much room to work with.

Once you've achieved an acceptable sag setting, it's often forgotten about forever. But after putting an 8mm T-handle on the adjuster, you realize just how great the X-Trig Preload Adjuster is. It turns with ease and takes a whole lot of pain out of setting your sag. The only downside is that because of the 20-24:1 ratio (20-24 turns depending on the model, for one revolution of the adjuster on the shock body), larger adjustments can take a bit of time. To speed things up, you can use a power drill with an 8mm socket.

The ability to make quicker and more accurate sag adjustments is even more helpful out at the track, as the sag setting is important to bike balance and the overall action of how your suspension works. Quite a few of rider's complaints about their setup can be improved just by having the sag properly adjusted.

Long-Term Durability:

There have been no durability issues thanks to its simple, well-thought-out design. For preemptive measures though, it would be best to make sure to wash any dirt or mud away from the adjuster after a day of riding.

The Last Word:

This is the easiest way to adjust sag that I've found. For most riders, properly adjusted sag is a larger benefit than any amount motor work. The price is a little on the higher side, but it's ultimately a solid investment to help keep your bike setup at its optimal level. The X-Trig Preload Adjuster gives you one more tool that will help you fine-tune and simplify a critical component of bike setup. If only it came with an extra person to help you check the sag, then it would be perfect.

Vital MX Rating:

Check out XtrigUSA.com for more information, and if you have a KTM you can also go to your local KTM dealership.

About the Test Rider:

Shane Anderson - has been riding motorcycles since he was a child starting, with three-wheelers back in the 80's. He raced NESC motocross until 2001 as an amateur, and has finally found his way back to motocross after a stint on the road. He still works part-time at a local dealership in the parts department and is active in the industry.


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Great Product
The Good
Makes a job no one wants to do much easier
- lighter than oem preload rings
The Bad
no bad, easy install
Overall Review:

Great product, high quality, looks good on any bike, lighter than cast OEM preload rings.


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X-Trig Preload Adjuster
Mechanical transmission.
Use the complete thread of the shock absorber.
Easy handling.
Adjust the preload very quickly.
Low weight.
Dirt insensible.
Patent pending.
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