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Tested: Tokyo Mods ECU Remap
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Very simple to ship out and get back, a noticeable improvement across the RPM range, better throttle response and "connected" feeling, cheaper than aftermarket ECU
The Bad
Not adjustable by rider like Vortex ECU, if you chose a map for a specific type of riding and/or specific fuel and change it, you might need to remap again.

Most modern motocross engine tuners will tell you one of the simplest ways to get more out of your stock dirt bike is to get an aftermarket ECU. And while this is true and even easier than swapping out the pipe for some beautiful ti/carbon system, aftermarket ECUs are not cheap by any means. This is where Tokyo Mods comes in. For our 2021 Kawasaki KX450, we asked for an extra ECU so that we could have one remapped by Tokyo Mods and leave the other stock to ride them back to back on the same day at the same track. At $149, this option is a fraction of the cost of a new ECU. Click play to see how we got along with the remapped unit. 


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Tokyo Mods ECU Remap
Tokyomods leads the industry in performance ECU’s for MX, SX, ATV, and SUPERMOTO. Re-Programming is a must with any engine modification or after- market exhaust. Your stock bike will show significant power gains with our fuel injection performance maps. This is the single biggest change you can make to your bike. ECU reprogramming with help eliminate the flame out and off idle hesitation. Please send a copy of your receipt with the ECU for reprogramming.
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