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SCAR Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary with Golden Ticket Promo

October 19th, 2023 – This year, SCAR celebrates its 20th anniversary! Indeed, the brand was created in 2003 with the launch of products such as triple clamps, aluminum footpegs and even handlebars.

Our range of products has evolved significantly since 2003, at that time we only offered 3 products in our catalog, but today we offer more than 50 different types of products with more than 1000 references. We now offer products in different materials such as Titanium, Aluminum, Carbon and Steel in order to offer riders the most advanced products.


Our logo has evolved over the years, as has our distribution network, SCAR products are now available throughout the world. With our know-how, we equip and have equipped some of the best riders and teams in the world.

Since January, we have moved into our brand new premises, in order to increase our storage capacity and be able to deliver to our customers around the world as quickly as possible.


This anniversary is an opportunity to thank our customers with a great surprise. 20 golden tickets will be discreetly inserted into some of our products to win numerous prizes such as triple clamps, titanium footpegs, handlebars, etc.

20 lucky people will have the opportunity to discover a "Golden Ticket" in their orders and win SCAR products: Triple clamps, handlebars, titanium footpegs, evo footpegs, bike stand...

If you're lucky enough to find one of the "Golden Tickets", follow the instructions on the ticket to claim your gift.

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