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Alpinestars Releases Limited Edition 'Daytona' Collection 6

March 3rd, 2023 – Inspired by perpetual motion, the new Alpinestars Limited Edition ‘Daytona’ collection, featuring Techstar Gear, SM10 Helmet, and Tech 10 Boots,  visually brings Daytona to life through vibrant orange, fuchsia, and purple colors that exude the feeling and radiance of the city which hosts one of the most iconic raceways in the world. The full collection is available now at and leading retailers around the globe.

Daytona SM10 1440x1440 Social 1.jpg?VersionId=9FK4FbfDhA0Blxb

If you'll take a look below, you'll find product images of everything you can purchase for yourself from this collection. You'll also find some photos of Jason Anderson rocking the collection. Again, you can find the full collection at and plenty of retailers around the world.

fr daytona-jersey DRESSED.jpg?VersionId=4Nhq9VMQuuGGpfN6xMy.yDIJWTF.Rj
Full set.
8302423-9243-r1 le-daytona23-helmet
SM10 Helmet.
3767523-9243-fr-le daytona-jersey
Techstar jersey.
3727523-9243-fr le-daytona-pants.jpg?VersionId= RdQk4yJtE xyFhi5MBUrwscowcAU
Techstar pant.
2010020-9243-fr tech-10-boot DAYTONA
Tech 10 boots.
Daytona Anderson.psd 1080x1920 Story 4
Jason Anderson in action.
Daytona Anderson.psd 1440x1800 Social 13.jpg?VersionId=1pmVYrOK1QF6eWYq5wbpO6eCF2r
Daytona Anderson.psd 1440x1800 Social 14

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