Seven Gear Launch

We checked in at the Troy Lee Boutique & Design Center in Laguna Beach, CA, to score a look at the introduction of the new Seven gear...a collaboration between Troy Lee and James Stewart. The verdict so far? It looks great! sounds like it may be a while before it's available to the general public. If we heard correctly, it'll be September '13 before it hits the market.

We dig this...there are some retro color combos, but with modern design, cut of the gear, and more.

There are definitely influences both from Troy, and James in the new gear. Troy mentioned that James has been pushing him creatively, which he's loving. For finishing touches on his race gear, they were making final decisions on how James' name would look on the back of the jersey for this weekend.

Yep, there will be amateur support, and there are a handful of riders so far, including Jace Owen (250/450 A), Will Markolf (Schoolboy), Max Markolf (85 12-14), Jalek Swoll (65), and Ashton Hayes (Supermini). Eventually, this will expand to a total of seven riders...their Magnificent Seven.

Want more? There's a huge gallery of images (and more colorways) here, and a cool intro video from Seven here. Seven's Facebook page is here.

Oh, and if you're ever near Laguna Beach, and want to check out The TLD Boutique & Design Center, it's at 380 Glenneyre Street, Suite A, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. The phone number is (949) 715-8142.


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