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Michael's Picks

ML's Take: Whenever you've heard a rider say "Toyota of Escondido" on the podium, this is the guy who made that happen. RIP to Damian Campos, a man who truly loved and supported the sport in any way he could.


ML's Take: Adam Jones giving some insight.


ML's Take: It's almost like this guy is the World Champ or something...


ML's Take: Benny Bloss update.


ML's Take: Step through.


Lewis' Picks

Lewis' Take: The turtle emoji made me chuckle. I'm not sure why. I appreciate the honesty!


Lewis' Take: A lot of chat about this gear and, for some reason, I'm the only one who likes it.


Lewis' Take: Who are the riders to the right and why on earth are they on this WSX poster?


Lewis' Take: Salt Lake City is surprisingly beautiful, I must say. An underrated SMX round...


Lewis' Take: This is an extremely cool photo. Jorge Prado is inevitable at this point, right?


Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: It was great to see Roczen race this weekend. He’s a fan favorite. 


Jamie's Take: Also, how rad was it to see Kenny honoring Adam Cianciarulo’s last Supercross this way? So cool!


Jamie's Take: It will be interesting to see how Drew Adams does up in Canada for the first few rounds of their Triple Crown Series. He can learn a lot from the legend, TDags.


Jamie's Take: Jeffrey and the Chocolate Factory. It’s good to see the Bullet has a sense of humor because he’s about to make things serious in the GPs.


Jamie's Take: I truly believe Jalek Swoll will be a race winner and regular podium contender in 2025. I like this kid.

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