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Michael's Picks

ML's Take: Daytona 1 - 0 People's tailbones


ML's Take: Influencing.


ML's Take: Sherwood hasn't been seen in the spotlight for some time but is still innovating away from it.


ML's Take: I need to attend one of these.


ML's Take: Last min team change.


ML's Take: Interested to see where this goes...


Lewis' Picks

Lewis' Take: Mel Pocock entered SuperEnduro for entertainment purposes. That much is clear...


Lewis' Take: Everything that I hear about Jeffrey Herlings is extremely positive. Bear that in mind.


Lewis' Take: I do not really understand this infatuation with running onto the track after the race...


Lewis' Take: That triple out of turn one strikes fear into my heart. The same goes for that double.


Lewis' Take: Yeah, so, this is also just ridiculous. Hawkstone Park is a unique beast with that hill.


Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: It sounds like round 2 of the GNCC series was another barn burner between Johnny Girroir and Stu Baylor. That series is going to be fun to follow.


Jamie's Take: It may not have been an ideal night for Max Anstie, but he comes away with the red plate. In a short series consistency may get the job done.


Jamie's Take: The guys at Dirt Bike Depot Racing have been getting some good results out of Gage Linville. It’s cool to see small privateer teams having good nights.


Jamie's Take: What a night for Tom Vialle. His first SX win at the historic Daytona International Speedway in gnarly conditions. I’m not counting him out yet.


Jamie's Take: Supercross Futures has not disappointed this year. Way to go Drew Adams. These kids are putting on a show!

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