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Michael's Picks

ML's Take: Nice photobomb DC. This photo of Deegan standing in rush hour traffic at Budds is crazy.


ML's Take: Love this throwback kit from Fox...serious Stew vibes.


ML's Take: I love the MXGP pit setups. Big fan of the traditional pits over hte bubble trailers.


ML's Take: Tommy Searle putting out the content we all need.


ML's Take: What a shot.


Lewis' Picks

Lewis' Take: I do agree that Haiden has found another level of speed, Brian. For sure.


Lewis' Take: That was one heck of a fall. Still, the best sand performance of #91's life.


Lewis' Take: This feels uncomfortable... The red plate is being flaunted in front of Febvre.


Lewis' Take: I need to learn what this "shh" motion is about... Must be building a brand.


Lewis' Take: Wilson Todd's career is one that would be rather interesting to dive into...


Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: I’m a big softie and seeing Christian and Jagger enjoying moto together takes me back to riding with my dad. 


Jamie's Take: Dang it, RJ! This was not our plan. Hope to have him back soon cuz he’s one of the most exciting riders to watch. SMX, watch out.


Jamie's Take: You have to respect how Jorge Prado has ridden a mature season and will soon be World Champion. Have to be in it to win it.


Jamie's Take: Austin Forkner has no give up in him. The kid fights and I dig it. I believe the best is yet to come.


Jamie's Take: I’m excited about the inaugural SMX season, but I wonder about viewing for the far end of this track layout. Either way, we have a lot more racing to come.

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