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Michael's Picks

ML's Take: What in the actual... I'm pretty sure Jett is just playing games now with cheat codes on. So effortless, yet it makes zero sense.


ML's Take: I'm sorry, but...this caption had me dying. If you don't get it, listen back to James Stewart in the booth at Southwick. "Tuck the front son!"


ML's Take: Not moto but I can't help myself, welcome back to the F1 grid Daniel Ricciardo.


ML's Take: The 238's time with the red plate was short-lived, maybe the next time we see Deegan with the red plate it'll be on number 38? I need to start looking into the National number list predictions...


ML's Take: Uhhh, who had three wins in a row for Romain Febvre on their bingo card?


Grant's Picks

Grant's Take: One of the best things about outdoors is that local guys will come out and absolutely go for a rip at their home track. For Spring Creek, that means guys like Jerry Robin and Henry Miller. Jerry could’ve had an awesome weekend overall if he didn’t have a mishap towards the end of moto one. 


Grant's Take: Imagine if Ty Masterpool shows up to Washougal with a 250 two-stroke…


Grant's Take: The 450 championship hasn’t been as competitive as many of us would’ve liked, but it’s incredible to watch Jett dissect these tracks. 


Grant's Take: It’s almost the start of new gear season…and I’m liking what I’m seeing from Alpinestars. 


Grant's Take: The 250 boys were letting it EAT at Spring Creek! 


Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: I saw Colt out at GH last week and although he had nothing for me, it'll be good to see him lining up for some Nationals soon. It sounds like he's in for Washougal.


Jamie's Take: Fast Freddie had a successful day at Millville going 9-7 for 9th and tracking down Filthy Phil late in Moto 2. Suzuki, catch the fever.


Jamie's Take: Heeeeee’sss bacccckkk!  Tim Gasjer came back to MXGP competition this weekend. I’m pumped!


Jamie's Take: I absolutely love Millville and the fans were on point all weekend. Do yourself a favor and make a trip there for a national.


Jamie's Take: Austin Forkner made his return to racing this weekend and I begging the Moto Gods to keep him healthy. This kid needs a chance to get back at it.

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