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ML's Picks


ML's Take: Simon Cudby comes back to one Supercross and nails this shot. Bravo sir, you're still the king.


ML's Take: I would like to hear Jake Nicholls say "Sunday, Sunday, there for the Monster Truck Rally!" In his British announcer's voice... "Kids tickets are still only five dollars!" 


ML's Take: Poor Jamie...

ML's Take: When it rains, head to the hills.


ML's Take: Always live your life to the fullest, Ken Block did. RIP...


Lewis' Picks

Lewis' Take: We have all-new content on Vital MX this year. Hurrah! More to come...


Lewis' Take: I think I'm already bored of these kickstart jokes. Can we just move on?


Lewis' Take: There are some photos of the YZ450F from the side. It's not #1 though...


Lewis' Take: I'm obsessed with this gear/bike combo. Combine it with Chase's style and it's magical.


Lewis' Take: This is what a practice track near Oakland looked like one week ago, which is worrying...


Grant's Picks

Grant's Take: Throwing it back to the start of a great career, while this season we will most likely watch the end of it. 


Grant's Take: There’s always gotta be an A1 fit check. 


Grant's Take: It’s wild how many stars of our sport are either new dads or expecting to be one soon! 


Grant's Take: Don’t forget, Arenacross season is underway as well!


Grant's Take: The motorsport world lost a great one recently. RIP Ken Block. 


Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: The week leading up to A1 is as exciting as waiting for Christmas for a kid. This track map was like sneaking a peek on Christmas Eve.


Jamie's Take: I still haven’t made it by this iconic shop. It’s on the bucket list.


Jamie's Take: Poor Cade! A1 was rough for a lot of riders


Jamie's Take: It’s always impressive how Checkerz from Race Tech continues to show why he is the Air Wheelie King

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