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Get some picks insights and tips ahead of Anaheim 2!

Round four is up on deck! After back-to-back mudders, we finally have some sunny weather and a more typical round ahead...or do we? It's a Triple Crown round, the first of three this season.

Before we jump into that though, if you haven't already seen it, our Fantasy game is free to play and win prizes but there's also an option to upgrade. What does the $10 upgrade for the year get you? A couple of things. First, it allows you to create private leagues, it also allows you to look back at rider's past results straight from the selection dashboard. On top of that, it also gives you the ability to see the live pick trends of each rider before the race starts, plus check them afterward, and you can download a CSV file that has all the results we have on file for each rider in that weekend's race.

This week's featured brand is Luxon MX. Luxon is giving away a set of their generation three triple clamps with four-post rubber mounted bar mounts as a series end for Supercross, Pro Motocross, and the SuperMotocross series each! Fifth place in any of the individual series will score you fresh triple clamps for your ride. Thanks to Luxon for supporting fantasy.


Triple Crown

Yes, Anaheim 2 is the first Triple Crown of the year! You know what that means, it's easy to get a full team in the mains but it also means scores will be tight. The LCQs are during the day program today and before our lockout time, so there's no excuse to not have all your riders in the main. Just make sure you check back before lockout time and dial in those final choices.

With three gate drops per class, remember to lean towards riders who are typically good starters.

Pick Trends

For those who haven't upgraded their accounts, here's a sneak peek at pick trends. At the time of writing this feature, the highest pick trends in the 450 class are Roczen, Webb, and Jett Lawrence at 48%, 49%, and 52% respectfully, each. 

Top Names, Lower Prices

Due to some of the ups and downs of the early rounds, pricing for some of the sports top names are a bit lower this weekend. Our weekly prices are built off a combination of average recent scores and projections for the next rounds. So when a rider has a rough round or two, or is just below expectations, it will affect their price a bit. In the 450 class, names such as Eli Tomac, Jett Lawrence, Chase Sexton, and even Ken Roczen are the cheapest they've been all year. May want to take advantage before they get on a roll and prices go back up.

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In the 250 class, the top name that stands out is RJ Hampshire. It's dry this weekend and he's the lowest price he's been. Remember, this man won Anaheim 1!

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna 450 Riders?

Malcolm Stewart and Christian Craig have been two of the worst riders to choose in Fantasy across the opening three rounds. Both riders have faced multiple crashes per mains, bad starts, etc. With this, their prices are dropping dramatically each week and they're near rock bottom price for Anaheim 2. Malcolm Stewart is at $60,000 after starting the year at $140,000 and Christian Craig is $35,000 after being priced at $98,000 for Anaheim 1. Stewart is a solid buy if you think he can place 14th or better this weekend, and Craig if he's 18th or better.

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You Don't Always Need a Large Team

Yup, exact opposite advice from last weekend. That's just the way the cookie crumbles but things change, each week is different, etc. For San Diego, even though the conditions were tricky, there were some obvious trends with riders that paid off. Meaning most of the top teams were very similar and around 9-10 riders total.



The Winning team from San Diego.

The best team possible was twelve riders and if you'd like to see the best possible team each week, it's one of the features in our upgraded paid option for $10 this season. To view the best possible team, head here San Diego - Best Team. You can check the best team each week in the results section, it's located in the top information box on the far right under "Best Possible Score"



No rain! Just sunny skies and typical SoCal weather...


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