Vital MX Pit Bits: Geneva 3

The action was one thing, but there's a whole lot more to the show in Geneva. Here are the behind the scenes goodies.

Vital MX Pit Bits: Geneva

The action was one thing, but there's a whole lot more to the show in Geneva. Here are the behind the scenes goodies. 

The Palexpo arena has been the site of every edition of the Geneva SX, including back when it was part of the Monster Energy Supercross series. If you're looking for the ultimate in an easy-to-access European race, this might be it. The airport is within easy walking distance to the host hotel, and the arena was literally across the street from there.

Eric Peronnard has been the driving force behind the Geneva race for decades, and helps consult and create events around the globe. You can listen to him describe the philosophy behind the Geneva race (and a lot more) by clicking the start button of the audio clip below.

Besides the race action, there's also a huge expo attached to it, with displays from all the manufacturers.

This demo rig was one of the cooler ones we've seen, and had everything needed to make for a fun playground for Fred Crosset and his riding partner. The arch on the right side? Yeah, they ride over that.

Backflip to flat landing? No problem!

We have to give Fred props for this one. Talk about a spooky landing ramp. Yep, he has to be really precise. They actually did quite a bit of jumping during the show.

Ramp over, while backflipping under? Nailed it.

Levi Sherwood isn't just one one of the best freestylers in the world, he's also more than a bit of an innovator. He's done a ton of work on his bike to minimize weight (with emphasis on the outer edges of the bike), which makes a huge difference when doing things like the double backflip that he did each night. This was the bike in the pits that even the factory race mechanics were stopping by to check out.

Okay, carbon lovers, break out the drool bib. Levi built this up himself, and even had the good sense not to cover it all up with graphics. The bike also had a carbon front fender and numberplate, and splash guard under the subframe. He's also got quite a few other tricks on his bike, but he asked us to not give away all his secrets.

Levi said his bike at home currently weighs about 91 kilograms (or 200 pounds), and he says he has the goodies to go for 190. He's planning to build up three of them for next year, and will have them sprinkled around the globe so that he doesn't have to travel with them.

Jordi Tixier is really happy with his new team this year.

There were some pretty interesting items here, with BOS suspension components front and rear. Who's BOS? They're definitely better-known in other arenas, which are as diverse as World Rally, or World Cup mountain biking. You're not just looking at the shock reservoir here (there's a better shot of that in the next photo), but also the suspension warmer that's wrapped around it.


The front suspension was also equipped with the warmers before practice, which was likely a good thing, since it was fairly chilly in the pits. Jordi's running air forks for Supercross, since it's easier to make changes quickly, and will switch to a spring setup when he returns to MXGP. Check out short the tapers are between the main tubes and the clamping area.

There was also some pretty nice machine work on the fork lugs.

Marvin Musquin's weekend gave him back-to-back King of Geneva titles, to go with his pair of King of Paris crowns.

Besides the big trophies for the King and Prince of Geneva, they also get some really cool moto-inspired items for their wins.

Jason Anderson doing a little hand warm-up before a practice session.

Jason Anderson was having fun, and has spent a bunch more time in California this Fall, as he was working with the Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna team on the develpment of the new bike.

After Friday night's main, Fabien Izoird was trying to explain that while he realized that Jason was behind him, he couldn't really move out of the way because he was battling with some of his French compatriots. They had their own race within a race, for points in the French championship.

Josh Hill was on hand with a borrowed Alta. This one was an Enduro model, and he and his mechanic for the weekend were doing all they could do to add some snap to it, including gearing changes. For Saturday's action (which he won), they had gotten a remap that gave him something closer to the power that he was used to. The original plan was to compete in the 250 class, but without a fast charger, or someone who was dialed in on the complexities of a fast battery change, the decision was made to go to a match race format. He and Ricky Carmichael traded wins...Ricky on Friday night, and Josh on Saturday.

Yep, Josh was having some fun whipping the Alta over the finish line jump. It was weird to hear him give it a couple semi-silent blips of the throttle while in the air.

LeBig (Stephane Legrand) was on hand with his new Supercross book. He spent a bunch of time working and fussing over this during the summer, while driving around the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship circuit.

Want a Swiss privateer to cheer for in '18? Killian Auberson will be doing the West Coast SX rounds again. He was impressive last season.

There were dispensers filled with earplugs as you came into the arena. That's cool, because between bikes, the announcing, the fans stomping on the metal grandstands, and the airhorns, it was pretty loud in there.

Vicki Golden going big.

Vicki has a custom subframe where the rails more closely match the angle on the seat on the Suzuki, which makes for better grabs.

Edgar Torronteras has his full array of freestyle skills, but he also went full goon for a couple runs up to the ramp on Saturday night.

It was good to see Georgia Lindsay on hand. She was doing some work for a MAVTV show on the event, which will come out sometime after the first of the year.

We'll see a full complement of the new Shoei helmets once the season starts. Justin Brayton has his.

This was Brent Duffe's last race with Justin Brayton, as the Smartop MotoConcepts Racing crew opted to wait until late before the season to let him know that he wouldn't be back with the team. If anyone needs a mechanic, he's looking.

Ricky Carmichael was the weekend's race ambassador, and he was using this cool helmet one of the nights.

Just one more before we go... bon jour, Geneva.

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