Vital MX Pit Bits: Atlanta 2

One spoke at a time (yep, with a spoke torque wrench), and one bolt at a time. Brian Kranz getting it done for Eli Tomac.

Yep, Martin Davalos likes the steering stabilizer on his KTM.

Just another peek at the ever-elusive WP air shock. That's on Marvin Musquin's bike.

We spotted a few helmets to spotlight this week, including the CMS-ArtWorx paint on the Club MX lids.

Hunter Lawrence's Tagger paint on his Alpinestars helmet is a dazzler.

Take no prisoners. Cooper Webb.

And this one belongs to Mitchell Oldenburg.

Headbangers delight. Leatt did up the one-off Slayer helmet and gear for the gang at Nuclear Blast Yamaha.

The team went black and red for the weekend. Unfortunately, Hardy Munoz is on the sidelines for the rest of the season.

Here's a peek of the whole setup in action with Robbie Wageman.

Checking with the Monster Energy Star Yamaha Racing crew, this really wasn't supposed to be Nate Thrasher's first year racing Supercross. At the first round in Orlando, they were worried enough about him that they wanted him to sit out. After he promised to mellow out and pull off if he felt it was too much, they let him go back out, and he's improved ever since. The big difference? Getting the hang of the whoops. At Arlington he struggled with them, and caught a handlebar to the jaw hard enough that he went to see if it was broken. The win at Atlanta 1 was a welcome surprise.

Fox had new gear for the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki guys.

Stilez Robertson ended up sitting out the night after a crash during practice.

At Atlanta 1, the umbrellas had a whole different use than they did at Atlanta 2, where the sun was beating down on the riders.

The sand rollers were cool, and the Dirt Wurx crew left them alone during the day. That allowed them to rut up nicely. Well, nicely for us, who were shooting from the sidelines.

The track was really fast. We asked a few people if they were changing gearing for the race, and most didn't opt for it...though they were definitely more tapped than usual.

Chase Sexton working through the bumps before the finish line.

Dare we say it? Are tracks like this the future of Supercross? We've heard repeatedly how the stadiums are almost too small for modern 250s. It's cool to see them be able to stretch it out a little bit...even if it does have more of an outdoor feel.

Jason Anderson laying waste to a red clay berm.

We like this gear combo on Justin Barcia.

Cooper Webb laying down a clean arc. The surface here really allowed the guys to get aggressive in the corners.

Cameron Mcadoo, Nick Wey, and Mitch Payton chatting post-practice. The crash that Cameron suffered at the start of the 250 main was one of the ugliest things we've ever seen. Seeing him get back on board was wild...and probably many folks would question the wisdom of it. You can't question the desire or heart on Cameron, though.

Time for a replacement? Checking the stack height on a set of clutch plates after practice.

Vince Friese was out of action following his tough crash with Max Anstie at Atlanta 1. The Motoconceps Honda squad has been gutted all season long with injuries, and it sounds like they're opting out of a year-round effort due to the injuries.

Boot delivery for Mr. Roczen.

There was a whole lot less mud in evidence on Tuesday, so bike cleanup was mostly limited to a little polish.

Signs of the times.

Jerry Robin is now housed under the AJE Motorsports/GasGas tent.

Ugh. Seeing a helicopter land at a track is rarely a good thing. Kevin Moranz got a thrill ride after a tough crash in practice. Fortunately, other than a couple of broken ribs, and a chipped scapula, it sounds like he's okay. (Yeah, we know either of those things are no fun.) Get well soon, Kevin.

Sweet pace car.

Bobby Regan says, "See that stomach? That's what we require from our riders."

There's a small fleet of Yamaha e-bikes available for the team to warm up on.

Justin Cooper and Cameron Mcadoo may have lined up next to each other during practice, but they were also doing their best to ignore each other. They (along with Hunter Lawrence) are having a good battle for the 250 West title.

Sean Cantrell floating over the Atlanta Motor Speedway course.

Oof. Pierce Brown took a digger during qualifying.

Chase Sexton getting a little deep (okay, a lot deep) in the whoops.

And...that's what factory suspension can do for you.

It was Code Brown for GuyB in the whoop section when Kyle Chisholm got a little wild, and whiskeyed off the side of the course. While he did find a nice soft patch of infield grass to land it, he did tweak his shoulder, which is why he was MIA on Tuesday night.








Tip for aspiring photographers. You should have already been running.

Oh yikes.

As usual, the Alpinestars Mobile Medical crew was quickly on the scene.

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