Vital MX Pit Bits: 2018 MXGP of Czech Republic 3

The season is winding down but there's still plenty to see!

Loket, aka the MXGP of Czech Republic is a scenic entry in the World Championship and didn't disappoint in 2018. Check out the racing and pit action below.

Another 3-3 performance from Tim Gajser, just a tick off Cairoli and Herlings but putting himself squarely as the next guy to challenge them as the season progresses.

Clement Desalle sits third in the points still, but Gajser has really been cutting into that gap as of late.

After the smaller fields at the two rounds in Indonesia, the MX2 class was back to much larger numbers for the Czech GP

Jordi Tixier was finally back in action with his unique BOS GP KTM.

The team isn't assisted by KTM, it was just Tixier's bike of choice, thus the red and white color scheme. With a lot of support from Parts Unlimited brands, you'll see Hinson, MotoMaster, FMF, Scar and a few other familiar brands onboard.

KTM accessory fan with a temp guage.

The most unique part of the bike is definetely the suspension, BOS is a high-end provider of mountain bike and car suspension components. Because of this, it's natural to not only see suspension components like forks and a shock, but a complete linkage as well. The little tabs on the link arm we suspect are too mount some sort of suspension data acquisition system.

The forks are a separate function system, like their MTB products. Valving on one side and spring force on the other, and in this case they produce both an air and spring version. Tixier has used the air for off-season Supercross races but uses spring for the MXGP series.

Thomas kjer Olsen was right in the thick of it this weekend with a 5-4 but who will be partnered with him next year as Thomas Covington returns to the states.

Another race, the same story for Jeffrey Herlings with a 1-1 performance.

The Loket track is definitely one of the more scenic and iconic on the schedule these days.

That factory 85 life, check out Liam Everts little ripper.

With Jed Beaton out from injury, Adam Sterry has been the lone man holding it down for the F&H Kawasaki squad.

The F&H crew had to make a little extra room to access the added adjuster from their kit KYB shocks, compared to the normal Showa unit the bike comes standard with.

10-8 goes along with the ups and downs that Jeremy Seewer has faced this season.

Assomotor is an Italian based Honda team in which the giant Arminas Jasakonis is riding for this year. We noticed some very tall bars, bar mounts and a flat seat to accommodate his height, along with a few unique goodies.

Carbon subframe and tank, along with a HGS exhaust that tapers up and shrinks a bit before the Y split.

A production Brembo caliper is a much cheaper route than a billet Nissin works caliper, it just requires a custom brake hanger to make it fit the CRF450R of Jasakonis.

Jasakonis is the tallest guy in the MXGP class, and his bar risers show it. Look at them, it's probably about a 20mm riser set of blocks.

After a few rounds of reeling in points on TKO for third overall, Ben Watson had a DNF in moto two that opened back up the gap.

The DRT team's gear sponsor is based in Brazil and this weekend they ended up with Brazilian rider, Gustavo Pessoa as fill-in for the injured Darian Sanayei. Gustavo placed 25-28 in his debut with the team.

The unique ram-air style KX250F of the Dixon Racing Team is still in action.

For how wildly DRT changes up the engine and layout of the KX250F, we were surprised to see what appears to be a fairly standard PC spec pipe. Also, from here you can see the modified frame and lack of a mid-point weld on the spar.

Jorge Prado traded even points with Calvin Vlaanderen over the weekend, but pulled to 11 points ahead on Pauls Jonass for the MX2 title.

Another round, another batch of points lost for Antonio Cairoli. He still went 2-2, but it's not enough.

The second half of the season just isn't clicking for Jonass, as he continues to place on good moto followed by a sub-par one. There's still time to recover but he's losing ground on his young teammate.

Although Julien Leiber moved up to MXGP this year, his personal team (LRT) is still around, supporting Davey Pootjes in MX2.

Outside of support from KTM, WP, HGS and a few other small brands, you'll notice the bike is bare of sponsorship.

When you're not sponsored, just run black.

2-2 for third overall, a solid and consistent weekend for Covington. It's not often a 2-2 puts you in third but it happens when the main competition goes 1-3 and 3-1.

5-5 for fifth overall, now where will van Horebeek land in 2019? As he's reportedly off of Rinaldi Yamaha at the end of the season.

A local product, as Goldfren brakes produces pad, rotors and complete calipers right in the Czech Republic.

Hunter Lawrence returned after a few rounds off, racking up a 5-6 for sixth overall. A decent recovery for the Aussie after a rough mid-year slump and crashes.

A 1-3 performance against MX2's best shows Calvin Vlaanderen's recent results were no fluke, as the HRC MX2 rider is really finding his groove.

Another tricked out KTM 85 SX, but with KYBs onboard.


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