This Is MOTO - The Movie

The MOTO Co. recently had their Premiere Showing of "This Is MOTO" in Encinitas, CA. With 27 more premieres across the country, find a showing near you and go check it out.

This Is MOTO - The Movie

La Paloma Theatre, Encinitas, CA.

What started out as just an idea between two guys has officially become real just one year later. Dominick Russo and Jason Plough, both owners of the company The MOTO Co, took an enormous risk to chase their goal of creating a Moto masterpiece. With a very limited budget, these two made the impossible possible for dirt bike fanatics like us to enjoy. The premiere tour of This is MOTO kicks off next week in Boston and carries on until November, 2019. Dominick and Jason will be traveling across the country to showcase the movie at 28 different theaters. The official release date of the movie is November 12th on all platforms.

Dominick Russo and Jason Plough

With a total of eight premiere riders, including top SX/MX racers, freestyle riders, enduro-cross riders, young-and-hungry upcoming amateurs, This is MOTO is a film with a balance of heavy emotions and cinematic shots of professional athletes twisting the throttle. The film includes Tom Parsons, Zach Osborne, Vicki Golden, Daxton Bennick, Todd Waters, Cody Webb, Dean Wilson and Dereck Beckering each with their own style, true grit and inspiring segments. Show the dedication of Dominick and Jason, Tom Parsons segment alone took two and a half weeks to shoot. This meant traveling across Utah and California in addition to filming in Cainville, UT, Big Water, Little Sahara Dunes, Dumont, and Glamis. "It was a grind but it is awesome to bring everyones vision to reality," the two filmmakers explained.

Speaking with Dominick, he mentioned the biggest setback was funding. “It's not cheap to make these movies and we had zero money to begin with.” Dominick emphasized that it was his business partner, Jason, who made it happen. Both of them traveling countless miles, spending weeks on weeks living out of a sprinter van, numerous late nights in front of the computer screen, building a janky office into Jason’s garage, not letting anything deter them from the final goal, and essentially taking a massive chance on themselves, all lead to the final outcome that we can sit back, appreciate and enjoy. Each This is MOTO premiere will consist of giveaways, catching up with pro’s, and a fun night out with those who purely enjoy the sport of motorcycles.

The list of all premieres is on the website.

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