Surfercross is one of the annual fun events on the calendar, with the meeting of the two tribes.

Out west, there's always a bit of admiration between the surf and moto crews, and when you combine the two groups for a day at each venue, it makes for some good times. There are both pro and industry classes, and they run two motos the first day, and then head for the beach on day two. While there's a fair amount of crossover talent, a few guys on each day are clearly out of their elements. Let's check out the action.

The start of the first pro moto had Mike Brown, Matt Bisceglia, and Sean Lipanovich out front.

Jeremy Albrecht (left) has always been the driving force on the moto side, and this was what...the 19th edition of this event? Cameron Steele was the announcer for the action.

Husqvarna brought out a batch of bikes for those looking for some internal combustion action.

Each team in both the pro and industry classes has two riders, who trade off laps. There's always some chaos during the exchanges, though the format was modified later in the day so that riders didn't have to tag each other on the exchange. This was during the first industry moto.

Mike Brown has been busy lately, with a pair of class wins at Loretta's, this event, and it sounded like he was headed north for the final Canadian National of the season next weekend.

Jeff Emig brought out a Husky 150 to have fun with.

Each team member got in one start, and Sunny Garcia nailed the holeshot in the second Pro moto, followed by Chava Greenlee and Jon Lyles.

Tyler Bereman having a little fun over one of the big tabletops.

Justin Hoeft came out to have some fun.

Darryn Durham was on an electric Alta.

Ivan Tedesco hard on the gas.

Usually when Sunny Garcia and Brandon Tipton are in big bowls like this, it's on the surf side.

Nate Ramsey was also back from Loretta's and having fun.

The Alta crew brought out a batch of bikes for the surfers who might not have been bike equipped.

Mark Gabriel (20) was paired up with Jeff Matiasevich.

Nathan Fletcher (10) was paired up with Zac Commans, and they took the Pro moto win on day one. Here, he's alongside Destry Abbott.

In the pro class you have everything from former National Champs (Jeff Emig, 47), to up-and-comers (Zac Commans, 20), guys we haven't seen for a bit (Hunter Hewitt on the 1), and off-road legends like Destry Abbott.

Yeah, Jeff Matiasevich always makes it out for this one.

On the industry side, Jeff Northrop grabbed the holeshot in this moto, and was being chased by Jon-Erik Burleson (23), and Jimmy Lewis (24), among others.

Todd Cram doing a little berm destruction on the industry side.

Normally when we see Craig Monty, he's in his team uniform as the Team Manager of the 51Fifty Yamaha team.

While everyone does have a competitive nature, all-in-all, this is about fun. We missed out on the surf day (GuyB was headed for Unadilla), but we'll be back to check out next year.


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