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Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: Does your Monday feel like this?

Michael's Take: #PickUpKits

Michael's Take: After a rough and disappointing summer, the defending champ deserves some time off.

Michael's Take: Hotel conference room/race team workshop.

Michael's Take: STRETCH IT!

Michael's Take: Ring-a-ding, ding, ding...

Michael's Take: That's all she wrote! Until the next Outdoor season.

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: Ken Roczen had a little extra bling on his bike. Well earned Kenny.

Scottie's Take: HRC presented Trey with some very cool parting ways gifts. Pure class.

Scottie's Take: Andrew Short went out in style with these gold boots...

Scottie's Take: ...and not only that; he went on to snag a holeshot the second, and last moto of his career. We will miss you Shorty!

Scottie's Take: Two words: The Future.

Scottie's Take: Non-moto, but pure insanity. Bryce Menzie launched almost 400ft in his truck, so out of this world it almost looks like a RC car.

Scottie's Take: This makes it all worth it. RCH, you're the 2016 Team of The Year. Congrats guys! See you next week...

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