Ironman GNCC

Here's the wrap-up to the 2017 GNCC season, which was a record-breaker for Kailub Russell. Can he stay on top next season? Or will we see a new face at the front in '18?

Kailub Russell's 47 overall bikes wins takes the title from Scott Summers, and Russell isn't done yet!

The temperatures were cold but the dirt was prime.

Mike Witkowski hammered out another XC2 holeshot.

Keeping track of #117 was easy, he made his way to the front of XC2 and stayed there!

Jimmy Jarrett grabbing the FMF XC3 holeshot!

Ricky Russell had the lead as the first riders encountered Ironman Hill after crossing a very cold creek.

Russell Bobbitt takes one of the many lines at Ironman Hill.

With multiple lines, Ironman Hill is a fan favorite.

Things can get wild quick at the top but thankfully most made it without issue.

The rider was already down the hill as fans did their best to keep the bike from joining him.

Jack Edmondson powered through the Indiana trees on his way to another XC3 win.

With conditions on the track almost perfect, the three-hour race came down to rider and machine, the way it should be.

Not sure what brand of suit he was wearing, but he wore it like a boss! Anything goes at Ironman!

Hunter Neuwirth finished out his season by capturing second in points in the XC3 class.

No caption needed, an explanation maybe...

Ricky Russell taking on some gas while Kailub Russell makes the pass and over takes the lead.

Ricky Russell has really been charging and has a bright future in the GNCC series.

Kailub is hard to catch if he is out front and on a mission.

Trevor Bollinger putting the final laps in to lock up his rookie season in the XC1 Pro class

Grant Baylor had his highs and lows this season. Just a day after this race, he was in surgery to get an injured shoulder fixed.

Josh Strang is a true warrior who's war has been beating him up this season. If he can get healthy, he has what it takes to make Kailub Russell have to fight for those wins.

Steward Baylor, Jr was an animal at the start of the season and things did not go his way as the season came to an end.

Thad Duvall may be ready to show the world what he is made of starting in 2018. An injury set him aside as Kailub Russell rolled to another championship, one that Thad felt he could have won. The battle in 2018 should be epic.

Coming from Austria to race the GNCC, Pascal Rauchenecker laid the smack down and won the XC2 class!

Jordan Ashburn finding it smoother in the air and slightly less slippery!

Craig DeLong in traffic on his way to the XC2 podium.

Layne Michael is an intense competitor, and is not happy with anything less than being center of the box.

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