GP Bits: MXGP of Germany | Round 11

Grab your beer and brats, here we go from Germany.

The FIM Junior eMotocross had its inaugural race with the MXE class racing KTM, Husqvarna, and GASGAS electrified versions of their many moto bikes.

Looking good (Oh don't mind the little Fox boots sticking out of the inside rut).


When are we going to see these kinds of trailers in the US? MXGP guys living in the future.

For warmth? No, for cleanliness.

Euros and their three-digit numbers. You can also see the vented airbox on Coldenhoff's YZ450F. Pretty bold without any mesh or screen.

"Here, you talk to him!"

Jago Geerts: "Let me sing you a song" Mechanic: "It's beautiful"

Tony opening up those shoulders.

With his 3 - 1 moto scores Honda HRC's Tim Gajser gets the red plate back. It was only on loan to KTM's Jeffrey Herlings for one race.

"I am so happy with how things went today, to come here just three weeks after surgery and get the moto win, the overall and the red plate is more than I could have hoped for coming into this weekend. A big thank you to the whole team who worked hard to get me feeling as close to 100% as possible and have supported me throughout, I couldn’t do it without them. In both races I got good starts and that put me in a position to challenge for victory. I had good lines and although I felt I was fast enough to finish further forward in race one, third was still a good result. In race two, I had another good battle, but this time I could make the pass for the lead and win the race and it was just amazing to cross the line in first. I knew I was feeling better after two weeks of recovery since Sardinia so now, I will try to keep this momentum as we go to a new track in France next weekend. Also, a big thank you to all the fans at the track today and who have messaged me online, it really helps a lot to get that kind of support and it was great to hear so many fans whilst racing today."

Beta SDMCorse MX Team's Jimmy Clochet making some adjustments. The first-year team has had some ups and downs with the other Beta rider, Jeremy Van Horebeek getting as high as 7th in a moto.

We'll see how much the team learns this year since they plan on having these bikes in the US for 2022.

In their off-road line, Beta has a 430 (430.9cc) and a 480 (477.5cc). Obviously this bike has to be a 450cc and while the outside of the powerplant looks very similar to their other bikes, it is a completely separate engine, not a bumped up or down motor from the off-road line.

Going to be a bummer not seeing this number ever again after this year.

The latest generation of the KTM 450 SX-F has such a small powerplant for a 450cc bike. With new KTMs rumored for 2023, is it even possible to go any smaller?

Kawi KX450F before practice. That PC pipe is a thing of beauty and so are the scooped out ti bolts on the engine hanger. And you can see the edge of the carbon subframe.

The business end of the PC pipe.

Monster Energy Kawasaki rider Romain Febvre was on the overall podium yet again with 4 - 2 moto scores.

Romain Febvre: “My speed was good today and I got good starts both motos. In the first I was behind Prado and I was faster but it was really tough to pass; then I was behind Jeffrey (Herlings) and at the same time I saw Tim (Gajser) was coming back because I was stuck. Then I made a mistake in a turn; I tried to pass him again at the end but it was not quite enough. I knew with a good start I had a chance to win the GP, and I took the holeshot in race two, but Tim was better today; I did everything I could to hold him but he had some better lines in sectors three and four and I couldn’t figure out exactly where he would be able to pass. They were good points for the championship today but still I want more and next weekend we go to France for my home GP. “

One step off the overall podium Standing Construct GASGAS rider Pauls Jonass is showing his early-season speed again.

Teammate Brian Bogers is also moving up the rankings as the season moves forward. You can see that the GG team is using the non-split "split" triple clamps and isn't trying to hide them with different colors.

You and I can buy this guard, yet its closer to $200 bucks while the plastic version is like $30.

With a little Italian tribute on his helmet, Tony Cairoli is fresh off his only MXoN victory.

The Tiga on the hunt!

Tony Cairoli: “I knew it would be tough here because I couldn’t ride in the week due to my painful ribs. I took some medication and rode at the Nations – although the first moto crash and someone hitting my ribs again didn’t help – and I survived the weekend and we won. It was something I was missing in my career and I wanted to do it but I didn’t think too much about the reaction and the consequences and I was feeling really bad here. I was struggling with my health and I knew it would be a tough day from Timed Practice. After fifteen minutes I couldn’t really hold onto the bike that much anymore. A 5th in the first moto was OK and I was very happy with that result but the second moto was so tough and I knew it would be before I went to the gate. I just tried to make my way to the end. 10th is not what we want but I couldn’t do any more. Let’s try to recover this week and try to do what we can in France.”

A JM Honda Racing CRF450R.

Maxime Renaux went 3 - 1 for the overall victory and keeps the red plate. Yet it was a bit controversial since Tom Vialle actually went 1 - 1 but was docked two positions for not heading yellow caution flags.

Tom Vialle: “What should have been a great weekend and started with Pole Position. It was really important to get good starts today. I enjoyed the track but it was hard for passing. I had to work to overtake Rene in the first moto and then had half the job done through the first lap in the second. I don’t know what to say about the yellow flag decision except that I didn’t see them and watching the video back you needed to be lucky to see them. Despite this decision it has been a good run of results so far and we’re looking good for my home Grand Prix next weekend. It’s nice to go back to France and LaCapelle is really technical. I’m excited already.”

In the EMX250 class, Fantic rider Nicolas Lapucci took the victory on his XX 250 two-stroke.

Cool to see the two-stroke racing going strong with the EMX125, EMX250, EMXOpen, EMX2T, EMX65, and EMX85 classes.


Motocross... Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe sh!t

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