First Look: 2019 Leatt MX and Off-Road Gear

Fresh threads from Leatt for motocross and off-road riding.


There are no earth-shattering changes at Leatt for 2019, yet the South African protection company has started to branch out with some new and creative patterns and colorways for its motocross and off-road gear. In the past Leatt could be accused of strictly sticking to limited color pallet, mainly lime-green and teal. Now there are some retro options and innovative colors such as the opalescent Leatt logo on one of the GPX 5.5 jersey. 

What makes Leatt gear different than other gear brands is that it is using some fabrics and techniques that we haven’t seen, or at least haven’t seen used this way, in other gear sets. The flagship gear combo is the GPX 5.5 jersey and pant. The jersey very form fitting (almost like a compression shirt) but the open mesh material has impressive four-way stretch. We’ve worn one of the original sets a few years ago and can say the jersey is super comfortable and seems almost infinitely stretchy. The downside is that if you have a Vet rider bod (like some of us) it isn't the most flattering jersey in the world. 

The 5.5 pant also has a very impressive amount of stretch and mobility. They also have what Leatt calls its Internal Knee Brace System (I.K.S.) that is a proprietary system that is in the inside of the knee areas of the pant. Basically, there are four different layers of material that are designed to slip against each other when gripping the bike. The idea is, rather than rubbing a hole in your pants, that little bit of give soaks up that bike/leg contact friction. 

Leatt offers a ton of different gloves, from crazy minimal to fully protected. The NanoGrip palm is thinner than Clarino and actually gets grippier when it gets wet. It feels sort of like a super fine velvet with fibers that are 75 times smaller than a human hair. 

We took a set of gear home from the launch so check our Product Section for a full review soon. Also if you have any Leatt gear, take a sec to right your own review on Leatt’s product page


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