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I have a 2018 devinci Spartan, it's an awesome bike. I was deciding between the Spartan, a yt capra, and the Kona process. I got the best deal on the Spartan. I also have a banshee spitfire with 140. It's a sweet bike too. If I were you, I'd get the ... more »

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You seriously think most vital members think moron is spelled moran? Its been a running joke around here for years. Great job catching an obvious joke, moran!

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The basic fox mx Jersey will cost between $25 and $35. The basic fox MTB Jersey will be $50-$80. It makes no sense. Most of the MTB jerseys are short sleeve, so even less material. Same stuff, but less of it, and the cost is way higher. I ride MTB a ... more »

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Just because Musquin looks slower, doesn't mean he is. Barcia always looks like the fastest guy on any track, but the reality is that the human eye can't tell for shit. Unless you had a stopwatch, anything you think you saw is useless. Cool that you ... more »

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That's really sad that people just take their animals to the shelter. The dog would be the first thing on my mind to save besides my wife in an emergency. I no longer live in North Carolina, or I'd donate my crate. Good on you for doing this.

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I didn't realize that was today or maybe I'd have gone to watch. Have fun.

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I remember not that long ago when Tomac struggled in his rookie year on the 450. People were saying he just wasn't cut out to be a 450 rider. Some people even said he'd be a 5th place guy at best for his career. Webb is going to find his confidence. ... more »

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Eli is paid by Kawasaki to promote their motorcycle. Asking a rider his opinion on the current bike they ride is a waste of time.

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My local track has quads, but they seperate them out in their own practice. It kind of sucks, because we get hundreds of bikes on the track and only maybe 5 quads, but they still get catered to. So the bikes go out for 20 minutes in a jam packed practice, ... more »

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I think Dave gives good advice, but at the same time he's a little over board on his disdain for credit cards. I use my credit card at literally any place that accepts cards. I haven't once paid any interest, and have used rewards points to travel for ... more »

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Ontrac blows. I had two screw-ups in a row from RMATV through Ontrac, so the next order went to Motosport. Ontrac screwed it up as well. Same thing with ordering mtb parts from Jenson. Ontrac took an extra 3 days because it got sent to the wrong hub. ... more »

Liked a comment on the item 2014 YZ 250 RESTYLE..............UPDATE 7/5/2018 6:14 PM

And I see Moto Hose blue hoses. Thanks for sharing!

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Brakes? Oh, you mean the coward prongs? Yeah, you don't need 'em.

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The tracks have been great this year. Best year I think I've seen for track prep. We asked for less "rut-o-cross", and we've gotten it. It seemed like a few years ago, every track was tilled deep and watered, so the ruts would form throughout the entire ... more »

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There is a member on here that had one in his 20s that is still racing on it over ten years later. I think it was torc1. I thought I'd have a replacement by now, but I'm still going on the original, although some days the pain is fairly bad. I'm only ... more »

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Yes. You are a genius. Imagine the ass-beating Tomac would hand everyone if he were on KTM. Cairoli didn't win shit when he was on Yamaha. Herlings wouldn't be the points leader if it weren't for KTM. How did you become so smart?

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I'm actually amazed at how many different brands I see when I go mountain biking. I'm not sure how road bikes are, but on any given Saturday, I'll see new and shiny Santa Cruz, commencal, yeti, yt, devinci, transition, evil, Kona, etc. What I don't see ... more »

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In the Bell video, i think John was riding a Specialized stumpjumper.

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LeBron isn't known as a one on one player. You're thinking of Harden or Kobe. LeBron is one of the best all around players to ever play. You are also holding the poor management of Cleveland against LeBron. He's a phenomenal player, better than Duncan ... more »