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I believe this is a "priceless" commercial. I don't know the in between lines, but it should end with... "the satisfaction of knowing your wife has no choice but to watch Supercross on Sat night, and she notices Tomacs gear, therefore shows interest....Priceless" ... more »

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Dennis helped me out when we were in need of a random Hardware kit for a windshield on a Mule. One of those things that could've easily been blown off. Dennis went above and beyond to get the part next day delivery for our customer. Little things like ... more »

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Damn, guess I get to use my incredibly large investment ($9.99, Sarcasm) to read the good stuff when it's out! look forward to it.

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I read this out loud to our parts department, and while you make a valid point, a very valid point at that, however you have to realize departments cater to what they are selling. If you buy more from them, they will stock stuff for you.

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for what its worth you have the best Avatar. It's the little victories you appreciate in life.

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the only reason I can't stand them is because I am insanely Jealous of the featured riders ability on a motorcycle and the fact that they have no real job.

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How many of y'all know any of these two personally? I don't know Josh but Challen is a very respectful young man, and ya he comes from money, a lot of money, but he works just as hard as any other rider out there. These kind of actions are odd to read ... more »

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bump (just to piss you off)

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If you don't LOL when seeing this and dont hear Ralph in the background saying "STEWART'S DOWN!!!!!" then you need a bigger sense of humor.

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From the flat track the other

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I can't imagine y'all not being entertained by some gnarly one mile racing. Find it on Facebook, it's about to go down! Good luck to local Texas Boy Jay Newton!

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Riding became easier for me, gripping the bike took so much less effort. I feel more locked in on the bike while cornering, or when the bike is angled. I am a skinny dude and wear Mediums, so like mentioned above, they're probably too tight.

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Pit bikes helped me build confidence in them. Riding off-road trails really is gnarly if you make it. When you get to a moto track it all seems so gentle.

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I say make the track BMX style, except loop the finish line. Make 4, 1/2 mile straights (RBSR style) with turns at the end... i would take 3 straights with whoops, and one with and endless variation of rhythms available at the point! The tight racing ... more »

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holy hell Brandon was late!

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Let's make this more interesting, 125 Stew would have done work, Why did he never race MXDN on a 125?

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He looks fast as hell, that was insane!

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Dylan Ferrandis takes the Dubya this weekend? Thinking about it, I could see that happening. I can also see Zach getting a top 3 start and ruining this, but ya. A little motoish track could be all he needs to not tuck the front.

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Killing it guys!!!