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I will admit i listen to the majority of what Steve puts out but these are unbearable. This one was super terrible and Steve was as childish as i have seen him. Kudos to you JT$ for not ripping into him.

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I literally LOL when ralph said that. Like WTF . HE made it sound like a pee wee herman creepy type of sitting alone in the theatre

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Which system will most be playing this game on? I bought the first one for PS4 and the 2nd one for XBOX 1. I think the PS4 version loads faster.

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Cole Trickle or Rowdy Burns for sheezy

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Cocaine is a Helluva Drug (Rick James)

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For me it's the 97 MC Suzuki of troy bike or the Factory Suzuki bikes in 97

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Mad Mikes Jones listed in 38th. Is that him or his son?

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Shae was? He said on the Podcast he had not been on a bike in 2 years or longer.

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Dudes packed on some poundage. It better have a 500 Kit on the engine LMAO

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I can see AC to Honda HRC but i can't possibly see him going to Geico for a 250 ride. Those Honda's look super small and he dwarfs that Kawi 250. I think he will stay at Kawi for his 450 debut.

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The only thing that stands out to me is some of the stuff that is talked about by Ralph. They mentioned more than once about the huge record crowd and it was obvious the attendance was low or at least it looked that way. Also Ralph was bragging up Baggett ... more »

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Mine is working fine just checked it

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Plus one here too. I got an email this week offering me the Outdoor nationals for $15. I am gonna add it to my Gold Pass this week.

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I think this is all joking around between these guys. I don't see DC calling someone out like that. I think everyone is reading too much into this .

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The worst part in his interviews he doesn't act like he's all that bothered by his performances. Kinda laughs it off . Like to see him up front but it isn't looking good at all.

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Did anyone else catch Cole Seely Jersey. Duct tape across one of the Logo's. I assume it's the Health Juice company he had mentioned a few weeks back. The latest victim in the Feld Censorship ?

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And he gained 100 pounds

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Reminds me more of a Young DV12

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He's leading the championship over a massively stacked field. I'd say he is doing pretty well!

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I never rode one but a guy showed up at a local track with one of Mike Craigs Honda of Troy CR250. IT was a 97 or 98 (First Gen Aluminum Frame). The guys i talked to that rode it said the bottom end wasn't much but after it came on that it pulled to ... more »