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You can really feel it with the green bushings.

Added reply in a thread I think I came up with a replacement word for clicked... 8/24/2021 1:34 PM

New name? The Mark Zuckerberg of Motocross.

Added reply in a thread Moto Math with Falcon 8/24/2021 12:14 PM

Emig is too far back on MC. King has the 96 outdoors title in the bag unless something catastrophic happens.

Added reply in a thread Pro age rule, youth wasted? Kitchen and Kilroy aren’t the only fast guys in the amateurs. 8/23/2021 4:42 PM

Ohhh, so only litigious. That's DEFINITELY arbitrary enough. 👌

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The new front caliper uses a 24mm piston. Buy the older caliper that uses the 27mm piston. Bolts right on. It's a much bigger improvement than doing the master cylinder swap. Older Yamaha used em. They're all the same. It's the 27mm Nissin. Slide it ... more »

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87-88 peak RJ was so scary I think my little brother dressed up as him for Halloween around then.

Added reply in a thread Fast By Ferracci Husqvarna Cr 250 help needed?/ Build 8/23/2021 11:33 AM

Yeah, I think JT$ ran the spoke skins that year.

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I made the same comment. They'll get it right. They need to come in lower, then widen the FOV just a hair and it'll be perfect. They had it working real well at Red Bud I think it was.

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OP, you can make your own forum like Engine Ice Dave did. Or like CR500riders and BannedCR500riders you could be Would probably take off, actually.

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Yeah , Jay Rassas kid, right? His dad's still fast too, last I saw him ride but that was a couple years ago

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Virtually every corner on this track is a varying degree off camber. Some mild, some extreme. The lighter bikes have at least that advantage here more than anywhere else.

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Still the best, always the originator/popularizer of the flamboyant whip. This is the guy, iMO that transitioned the "cross up" of a few years before into flat whips. Bring back the Rodeo Whip. Magoo all day. Not current, I know.

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I can already see the 10 page thread full of "team orders" whining and crying when J-Mart gets up into Jett in a corner and Cooper wins the title. Especially when it's Jett. He attracts the younger, emotional crowd. 10 page thread about "feelings" is ... more »

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I don't think we have SX specialists now... I just think we have some people who actually try in the Nationals.

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Perplexing pose by the stock photo model in the avatar, like I want to yell at you so loud thru this bullhorn, but I also want you to see my Karen face simultaneously. Artsy.

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It was sooooooooooo prime today for am day

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That's bigger than the leap with a taller face and a longer run up. It's psycho.

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Always been a fan of Mr. Bone.

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Johnny Depp is this guy that is so starved for "the story" that he's now basically creating the story. Just an observation, not a dig.

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No. But look into where KTM gets theirs from...