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Can we throw Ping's picks this week into the Dumbgeon?

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admin - pls pull the streetbike video

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I quit cigs and moved to a Juul several years ago. At first I could go through a pod a day because of my nicotine addiction. But slowly tapered off from 5% pods to 3% pods. Yes, 'long term' studies haven't been done as to the effects of vaping, but after ... more »

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I've ridden some hard hours on my Canyon CF7. It DOES NOT have the integrated handlebar/stem that the CF9 does. As for low frame design, I haven't had any issues even when going over some pretty gnarly rock gardens and trails with some pretty gnarly ... more »

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Buy a 22 150sx and never look back. Throw an FMF pipe / silencer and a VForce valve system and you'll never wipe the smile off your face. More torque than a 125 and I can hang with 250f's. And nothing feels better than railing the outside of a corner ... more »

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If Ken had never shredded both his arms to the point where they were thinking about amputating them, he would easily have more than his two 450 outdoor titles and at least one if not two or three SX titles under his belt. The amount of shit his body ... more »

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KTM 150. I have a '19 and she absolutely rips and is a blast to ride but like others have eluded too, can't be lazy on it. Demands good form, technique and focus. The '22's are even better since the WP forks have come a long way and are more plush than ... more »

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Had my first ride on the Canyon Spectral: ON CF7. What a bike. 29" front wheel with 27.5" rear and short chain stay feels like I'm riding my 150sx. So nimble and playful! New Shimano EP8 motor is killer as well. Beautifully crafted as well.

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This hasn't aged well...

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I have a NorCo Sight VLT 29 that I just bought a few weeks ago thinking that the bike I really wanted was supposedly backordered until early 2022. Well, just got an email that they are back in stock so looks like I'm selling the NorCo ASAP (which is

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Is Emig racing the 50+ class or ???

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This is the first cat I've ever owned. Harley has been amazing since we got him around 3 months old. He meow'd a lot until we got his nuts snipped off when he was 7 months old or so. He is definitely fascinated by water and loves to dab at any faucet ... more »

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Our silver Bengal, Harley. Harley. Stealthiest bird and lizard assassin that has ever lived!

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Best of luck to you and your family, glad to hear you pulled out of it. I've lost 2 dear friends, 5 family acquaintances and my best friends brother in law (a pro surfer I will not name) has been in ICU for 8 months, was on a ventilator and then an ECMO ... more »

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If Eli just skipped moto 1's and did a 30 min practice moto off the side of the track but then lined up for moto 2's he would definitely go undefeated the whole season.

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I called my two local Yamaha dealers about pre-ordering and both replied that they aren't doing pre-orders because they still have no idea how many 22 YZ125's will be allocated due to the global shortage on everything. Crazy times.

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I feel you on this. Mind blowing how Derek Chauvin gets 22.5 years for kneeling on black mans neck for 9 minutes (Don't care what anyone thinks of G. Floyd as a person, he didn't deserve to be killed by a police officer that way) but there are thousands ... more »

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Darn lucky you picked one of these up. Backordered for the next 4 months at minimum (like every eMTB manufacturer). Finding a good new bike is like finding gold right now. Jealous to say the least. The Focus line is incredible.

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I run the Strata 2. I have a deviated septum and goggle pinch is a big deal to me. Coming from the OG Strata to the 2 was a BIG improvement. Don't feel any pinching and is more comfortable overall. Really well built as well. Recommended.