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2021 KTM 150 SX
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I've had a Mtn Lion encounter in So Cal. He did the correct thing. He opened his jacket to make himself larger, backed away while standing tall and forcefully yelling and NEVER stopped making eye contact. Cougars actually feel threatened more if you ... more »

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Celebrated our 11th anniversary last Saturday, 15 total years together. I'll never forget asking my closest friends if I should propose to her and they all looked at me like I was an idiot..."Dude, you will never find another girl this cool or hot in ... more »

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"We are 138" - The Misfits My riding friends and I from junior high and high school used to blast this song getting dressed in the pits and got the nickname from other riders as "the 138 kids". Always stuck with it.

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Granted I've never ridden a 4 stroke more than 6 laps in my 32 years of riding a motocross bike (I'm 39) 150 brings a smile to my face every time I ride it. You can't be lazy on it. When you get the hang of it, hold on because it's f'ing awesome.

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Because Ping is in different gear all the time doing product testing for all brands. That's part of his job, lucky bastard.

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Wow. That's crazy! I have a little over 30 hrs on my 2019 150 and it hasn't had one problem. Best of luck and hope you don't have to use the manual for anything like that! Best of luck.

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Getting so many requests for this. Going to just post a google drive link here to download: When this opens in Google Drive, make sure to hit the download icon in the top right of the screen once the manual appears. Hope this works for everyone. ... more »

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Used 2 strokes are selling within hours up here in the Pacific Northwest. Early 2000 clapped out bikes to newer models with low hours are gone the next day for seller asking price. I had a guy offer me 6,500 two weeks ago at the track for my '19 150SX ... more »

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The last question isn't just specific to moto, it's an American problem. Richest country on Earth, yet we're willing to bankrupt people over an injury or accident, or disease through no fault of their own. The U.S. is the only rich nation which has a for-profit health care system. Until that changes, GoFundMe's and Ride2Recovery is the only way moto riders will ever get help. Let alone the rest of the American people who are sh*t out of luck if they get hurt falling down their own stairs. Tough pill to swallow, but economical data and statistics don't lie. We can do better, for moto riders and for ourselves.

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Dude. Be super careful riding in that kind of heat + pollution. Not only is heat stroke a high possibility, but with your heart rate being in the 180's for intense motos, your lungs and blood are not going to be stoked. Those carcinogen-rich particulates ... more »

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I one has ever ridden a motocross bike with more style, flow, smoothness and unbelievable poise in the air than this dude. Little clip he dropped on IG today is fire! Link below... How does he take off a jump and already have the bike so nose ... more »

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My niece went back to school 2 weeks ago for her Junior year at Texas Christian. On August 2nd, there were a total of 10 confirmed cases on campus. She decided to go back. By Aug.16th there were 112 confirmed. She had just settled in, and now she is ... more »

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You can get a 2.1 shorty. FMF says they are out of stock, however. But the OG shorty isn't available for 17 or newer KTMs. I got the black 2.1 and love it...I ordered it from some local shop off Amazon. FMF 2.1 Shorty Here:

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Watching Stanke at the Washougal 125 dream race was awe-inspiring. The bike never let off, neither did he. He's an animal and does it his way, which is admirable. He would school 99.9% of us on this forum on a 2-stroke, that's a fact.

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If you went to Sturgis with a few friends I guess you'd probably have to rent an entire bar out for just a few of you and if you were out on the street you would chalk off your own 10' square to call your own? That's not how that festival works. In fact,

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If 1,000 people were already infecting people in their own respective towns, but then travel hundreds or thousands of miles (stopping multiple times along the way in small, rural towns might I add) mingle with 460,000+ people that were not infected (best ... more »

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I guess so. But if 1,000 were infected coming into Sturgis, and 10,000 got infected while there...what happens when 11,000 people leave and spread across the US to their hometowns? I guess I'm just looking at it through the lens of why we can't get back ... more »

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One that they know of. There will be more, but I think the bigger worry is that all those people who were in a packed bar with that one guy, will more than likely lead to more infections...and now that those possibly infected have gone home throughout ... more »