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I used to watch Donnie Hansen and Greg Root race their Colbe Can-Ams every Friday night at Indian Dunes. Those two were FAST on the orange bikes! Donnie seemed fastest on the 250, Root did better on the 400. I wanted that bike the rest of my life! The ... more »

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Maybe OP is referring to the Moto Masters series here in TX? That’s a series where the youngest class is 25+, no mini classes. Class structure serves two purposes-1) you can ride in more than one class against similar skilled and aged riders, and 2) ... more »

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Kenny is a class act, watch the way he passes people. He doesn’t always ride them high into a tough block, but mostly turns down underneath them for a clean pass with little to no contact. The fist bump fits his style and character.

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For me, it was Danny Chandler (Magoo) and Kenny Zahrt. Pure moto.

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It is truly a sign of the time, brother! You’re not wrong about something triggering the ownership to make that sign. Trying to stay non political, but take a look at the state, and you’ll probably see the source of their anger / concern.

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Wow, I cannot believe the people triggered by that sign!

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I literally took both bikes out on a few race days and raced the 250 in one class and the 450 in another class, both with almost the exact same riders in both classes, and went from front of the pack on the 450 (actually won) to back of the pack of the ... more »

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I did just the opposite, jumped from an '04 CR250R to a 2013 CRF450R back in 2014, but I can give you some of the differences. The CR250 was alot easier to do more laps on when I was younger (48-53) and was totally familiar since I spent literally my ... more »

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That price may be for a block of 4 tickets--they only sold "blocks" of tickets at Houston.

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Dude to limited entries into the pits, you needed tha fan fest ticket at Houston, so I’d say yes you need one at Arlington as well, and no. A monster can won’t work

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Did anyone hear of his recovery time?

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So sad to wake up this morning to a text from a high school buddy with the news. We all grew up in the same neighborhood in Lakewood, went to school together, and Mike was our hero, as he was one of the best high school motocross racers in So Cal (even ... more »

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Just a dick move by Jett. He even said it himself. Hope karma bites him in his dump ass and he learns to be a professional.

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Dean was an asshat last night, and an apology doesn’t cut it. There has to be consequences for this level of stupidity.

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As neysbo said, without the fan fest add on, you cannot get in to watch any practice or qualifiers, only the night show. I get the OPs question, though, as SUPERCROSS tickets have gone up alot. I get NFL tickets are higher, because there is alot more ... more »

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As Hammer said, you could move around a lot. Biggest frustration was not being able to get into the “fan fest” pits or qualifying without the fan fest ticket add-on. They were all sold out early on and left hundreds of folks tailgating until 3:30 when ... more »

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When the four west coast rounds get cancelled, they'll be calling....................

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Merry Christmas to all my moto brothers and sisters! And here’s to wishing you a happy 2021!

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I knew most of the big name factory riders from the late 70s / early 80s as privateers so that’s a hard one! Magoo, OMara, Bell, Hansen, Zhart was my favorite though. Modern day- Weston Peick and Adam Enticknap