​Short answer,YES.

Need more arguments to be convinced? Here you are:

ACD Racing Parts Dirt Bike Skid Plate

1. Most dirt bike riders will inevitably say riding without one is not worth the risk. The cost of askid plate is small compared to what you’d have to pay to replace your cases, shifters, and brake pedals.

2. One stone will easily put ahole in your casing, make you lose all your oil andseize your engine. Let’s not talk about how much that will cost you.

3. Adventure anywhere with trees? Onewrong stick and you’re pushing your bike back to the truck!

4. If you ride a lot, or anywhere around rocks, askid plate is a no brainer. Don’t learn this lesson the hard way!

5. Would that gravel or branch have damaged youroil filter? If your bash plate is doing its job, you’ll never have to find out!

6.Bash plates areNOT for fashion (although some say your bike looks unfinished without one). Look at any other plate and see the scars.Each dent represents a time that it saved you. After one ride, you’ll see all the disasters that were prevented.

7. Don’t be another trail horror story, #ProtectYourPassion with an aluminum skid plate fromACD Racing Parts.

    Ok, you’re convinced. So then do you go with Aluminum or Plastic skid plates?

    1.Try this analogy: I'm going to hit you in the chest with a shovel. You can hold up a thin sheet of something forprotection. Which material would you rather have:Aluminum or plastic? Exactly!

    2.Ride though rocks? You better have analuminum skid plate

    3.Live where the mountains are? You’re going to needaluminum.

    4.Come anywhere near a boulder,aluminum is what you want between you and a hard place.

    5.Consider yourself a basher? Better go withaluminum.

    6.Think aluminum is too loud? Place pieces of anold yoga mat or high density foam between the plate and the frame to quiet it. Most riders get accustomed to the sound quickly.

    7. Plastic may be light and quiet, but it can’t hold up to the rough stuff. Aluminum skid plates’ weight and price may seem excessive, but if you nail one wrong place, it becomes an obvious necessity.

    8.Check outACD Racing Part’s skid plate collection and find the right fit for your bike today!

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