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I love the rear disc. Did that come off an '88 125? i dig the Yoko gear too

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Bradshaw showed a lot of people what time it was on that thing.

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I agree, the YZ490 is a way better bike than people give it credit for, it may of had a few minor problems out of the box but what bike doesn't. The guys you mention rode them great, Lungqvist actually rode one a couple of times in '87 so well that he

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Yes it is an AC racing subframe, at the time it was so cool, I wanted one soo bad and saved up for it for ages and I actually still have it as I took it off the bike when I sold it. I need to put it on the '95 that I have now

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That's a really nice '87 It's not too hard to stop them pinging, a good pipe and race gas stops it you can also get the squish band on the head modded but I've found with all mine that just a pipe and good gas works fine.

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Bernd Eckenbach raced one for Germany

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The offer is there Davey, if you wanna ride a 490 in 2015 there, we'll have a bike ready to go for you, we would love to have ye. Rory

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I have a 1990 YZ490, I restored it from a $300 turd, now it's got a full Tom Morgan Racing motor among other things. '88 to 90 are identical except for 88 and 89 have different tank graphics and then 90 had the same graphics as 89 but had speed blocks

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