Yoshimura Refurbishing Process

Yoshimura has an extensive muffler refurbish and accident repair program.

Muffler Refurbish
Yoshimura mufflers are a filled with high quality packing that needs to be replaced at regular intervals depending on the rider and conditions. Muffler Refurbish Services are performed at the factory by the same highly skilled technicians that assembled your muffler when it was new.
Standard Muffler Refurbish Services include disassembly, inspection, tube resizing, surface reconditioning, and reassembly using a genuine Yoshimura repack kit (additional parts and labor are extra).

Accident Repair
Accidents happen. Yoshimura offers Accident Repair Services that allow a customer to send their damaged system back to the factory where it is inspected, repaired, and sent back like new.
Accident Repair Services include inspection, tube resizing, surface reconditioning, replacement components, and reassembly using Yoshimura-spec muffler packing if needed.

Who can take advantage of Lifetime Support Services? Anyone with a Yoshimura exhaust!

Contact: Sales@yoshimura-rd.com Website: www.yoshimura-rd.com or call 1-800-634-9166
Credit: Yoshimura Research and Development of America

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