"Whoever Wins is the Baddest Man on the Planet" Jeffrey Herlings Challenges Eli Tomac to One on One Race 18

Jeffrey Herlings has issued a challenge to Eli Tomac. What do you think of his demands?

Credit: Gypsy Tales

ML512 ML512 6/20/2022 12:27 PM

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To make it fair give Jeffery his sand track, but make it at altitude and they both have to race with an elk strapped to their back.

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Sand Track? ELI and JH does well, MUD Both are great on.
Hard Blue Groove rutted up the azz track? ELI.
Need 2 out of Three races.
This is a Bout that JH (In his Mind) bringing the two fastest in todays MX together for a heads up racing.
My Vote is bring it, If the conditions are right. Meaning if ELI and JH are not in the Mix for a Championship....Good luck with that scenario

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I think Eli could care less. In the full interview JH even stated that if Eli was "on" then he couldn't beat him. I realize that Tomac would stomp JH in supercross but id say even outdoors Eli is really close even with splitting his time. So imagine if Eli only rode outdoors... I don't know, food for thought. Also for this hypothetical race, is JH on a stock frame/swingarm? or does he get he get to pick based on whatever dump he took that morning? Jokes aside, I'm a fan of both guys and have respect for both. However this "race" idea is laughable.

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JH is pathetic and disrespectful.
If he cannot stay healthy and he built a narrative based on comparing apples to oranges (Wins in Mx1 shall not be summed with Mx2 wins) it's his problem.
It's seems obvious he wants only Tomac, in, because with Sexton and Gajser in he and his "baddest" man may end up 3rd and 4th.

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No roost, no lappers, no one else on the track, is that motocross? Last I checked that was a part of the race. Not only the track elements but also the people elements. Do we eliminate fans and commentators too? Wtf is this? Dude wants to offer up $100k, both can piss on a $100k if they wanted to. Jeff’s analogy proves nothing other than on that day there was a faster human. If you have a hard on and want to prove it, come here to the states and lay your claim. I would say the same to El if he called little Jeff out. Go to the GPS and prove it. This is nothing more than a 9 year old that wants to see if they can piss further than a 12 year old at a urinal.

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Hate to say it but I like his idea, kinda like the heavyweight championship fight. Promoters get involved spectators, best of three 30 minute motos. In the old days they did 45 minute motos, so if they have to go to a third tiebreaker, so be it. like a national or whatever. Or make it a gamblers race, whoever puts up can enter, winner takes all.

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