How To: Set Up New Wheels and Tires 8

We recently got a brand new set of Dubya wheels for our on going YZ125 rebuild and thought we should give the awesome Talon hubs and Excel A60 rims the respect they deserve. So, we called up SoCal tech guru, Jay Clark, to show everyone how to properly set up brand new wheels and tires.

Credit: Bayo Olukotun
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  • Kawi Kid

    12/8/2013 12:02 PM

    As a mechanic thats also the tire changer please do not use duct tape on your wheels. Creates a huge mess if left on for more than a few weeks and the remaining glue residue is really difficult to get off the wheel. Rim Strips are $2.00.

    Duct tape blows almost as much as slime.


    11/3/2013 4:40 PM

    1000 dollar wheels and the dude is wrapping them in duct tape, really? A rim strip is 2 bucks, come on....

  • mikebrownsound

    11/4/2013 5:48 AM

    Why not use duct tape? Something wrong with that? Do you see the duct tape? The tips is good

  • dasher79

    11/14/2013 7:20 AM

    In all reality the duct tape is probably more expensive then the rim strip. You're only paying $2 because you only bought 1 and they're marking the price up 300%. Plus the duct tape can be put on as thick or thin as you like. Not to mention that it sticks and doesn't slide around like those annoying strips.

  • sec114

    11/3/2013 2:09 PM

    i like the carbon hubs. i find it interesting the different methods to install a tire onto a rim. and yeah sometimes it may almost seem that a thinner sidewall tire is being used in a how to video clip. i guess we forget to think that technique is the key to getting the tires on; and these mechanics have a ton of experience changing tires that us normal folk do not have. also the length of the tire spoons is something that may not be thought about. i have one of those bead buddies and cant imagine what i did before one of those and some nice long tire spoons. haha!!

  • mikebrownsound

    11/2/2013 6:19 AM

    This bike is going to be sweet.

  • mirramaxx

    11/1/2013 9:03 PM


  • JW269

    11/1/2013 6:38 PM

    talon hubs... expensive $$$$

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