Unadilla's 450 & 250 2011 Poor Sports 4

I watched the Unadilla post race show and was surprised at Dungey and Bagget's comments. I think because both of them got their door blown off at Unadilla.
Dungey was 1 point out of the points lead, but after Kawasaki unloaded that 2012 450 and RV went as fast as he did, Dungey realized he's screwed for the Championship. Cause the 2011 Outdoor Championship says RV all over it now. Boo Hoo Ryan Dungey!
And For Bagget, he was calling Decotis a Rookie? This is Baggets 1st real year on the nationals cause he couldn't even finish them last year after breaking his arm all on his own. Rookie move!
What till he has to race Decotis at Southwick in 2 weeks. Decotis is a Southwick local.

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  • Bpk240

    8/16/2011 12:49 PM

    This is why I don't like dungy.. The big boys?? what a bunch of crap..

  • 171motocross

    8/15/2011 11:20 AM

    obviously barcia is not playing games. the kid, it seemed, wanted to back up his 250 championship in supercross by showing he can hang with the big boys. i think he did an excellent job on his first 450 race. i dont know if Dungey is just mad because he couldnt pass him or what. but all in all Barcia is the one who ended up wrecking out of the mix up. He said on the podium he was trying to switch lanes to avoid a lapped rider. Racing is racing.

  • mattmoto441

    8/15/2011 6:42 AM

    bagget waas calling bogal a rookie

  • mattmoto441

    8/15/2011 6:39 AM

    bagget waas calling bogal a rookie

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