Todd Potter: Ready for X Games - Part 1 5

Todd Potter has a history of sweeping the podium at X Games. This year's event is right around the corner and Potter has big plans. Check out Part 1 of the video update, Todd Potter Ready for X.

Credit: Metal Mulisha

bturman bturman 7/8/2011 9:27 PM

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Todd is down! He's in best trick and step up. I hope he takes home gold in one of them! or at least podiums. I'll be there all 4 days (july 28-31) to check x games 17!

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met him once...end of story...not changing my mind...but go ahead and nut-hug him all want...

i can have my opinion...

welcome to the internet

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@ Karnivool WTF dude? Couldnt agree with andimers more. Why even try and compare the two sports. Go back to getting lapped by the leaders

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what the f*** is your problem, man? He has never said he could run 30+2 at that pace, and he isn't being a cocky prick like many other freestylers either. Todd is genuinely good guy, that has an amazing skill at throwing whips, and none of the MX guys could whip it like that on a ramp. Stop comparing the two sports. GL potter!!

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while doing the same sick whip off of ramps might fool the judges at xgames into thinking he is a god...Watch the MX guys throwing upside down whips in the middle of a rutted out MX track is a whole different level...

ramp rats have their place in the freak shows...

a guy that can finish a 30min+2 moto only being lapped once by the leaders is still way above the arrogant inflated potter...

sign up for a SX or MX....lets see what happens...

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