Tested: Project 2016 KTM 150 SX - Lynk's Racing/Vertex 4

For more on this 2016 KTM 150 SX project bike, scroll below to read some of our thoughts and see all the mods that were done to this awesome two-stroke.

There's no replacement for displacement, so naturally you can imagine that a 150 adds something you just can't quite get from a standard 125. Then modify it...and you have an even bigger level of fun.

A modded 150 is a fun toy and although it's still not a 250F down low...in the right hands, with some good RPM control, it's just as good as stock or lightly modded four stroke. If things are kept up in the right spot, it clears obstacles just as well as but the light weight makes you feel like Superman. The latest iteration of the 150 SX is a bore only engine, unlike the prior version being stroked and bored over a 125 SX. This latest version is good when stock, but it has a noticeable power characteristic difference from its little brother. It has better bottom end, with the ability to chug a bit like a four stroke, but doesn't pull as cleanly at the top of the range as the 125 SX. It just takes a bit longer to get the RPMs but with the mods from Lynk's we noticed the bike had a bit more punch as it hit the powerband and climbed through the RPMs more vigorously, like the 125 would. Together this made for a darn fun bike, as it takes the stock chug the 150 is capable of but adds in the snap of the 125...albeit within even more pull and strength.

Suspension on a 125...or 150 in this case, are somewhat easier to setup than four strokes. At least in the fork department, due to the lack of engine braking. Now where things can get tricky is getting a proper shock setup that keeps the optimal amount of traction as the two stroke creates more of a hit. RaceTech took the stock AER48, which replaced the original 4CS, then stiffened it for a more aggressive riding style and a slightly higher weight than the stock setup was for. With the setup change the biggest difference was driving deeper into corners, when heavy braking was needed it had more holdup and gave out more confidence to push the little pinger to the limits. This was done while still keeping plenty of comfort, but adding an overall more aggressive setting that we needed.

Shock wise, RaceTech improved the rebound control and damping, keeping the shock better planted under acceleration and moving forward. As we mentioned above, two strokes with their large hit can really benefit from a proper rear end setting that can assist in controlling the energy. Beyond that, the overall setting matched what was done to the forks in the sense it was more aggressive but kept enough comfort to keep our little 150 fun. Meaning we felt comfortable on the bike, without getting "beat up" lap-to-lap, but also wanted to push the bike harder than the stock setup.

The older Keihin carburetor is much easier to jet and more consistent than the Mikuni on the '17 and newer models.

Vertex supplied an off-the-shelf piston kit for Lynk's to build the engine with.

FMF raw pipes are drool worthy...

FMF's shorty silencer adds to the hit, making the 150 SX feel more like a 125. Keeping things much more exciting...

TM Designs chain guides and sliders are a great long-term part on practically any brand.

Tusk's Impact wheelsets are a great bargain for the average practice ride or weekend Joe looking for a spare set of wheels and some bling. No, they aren't a high-end wheelset but they're great bang for the buck.

ARC's memlon folding levers are nearly un-killable, trust us, we've tried. The lever itself with bend and flex to extreme amounts, before slowly snapping back into place. For the most part, the lever will catch and roll through the pivot point, heading forward, then as the weight tries to snap the end of the lever off...it'll bend just enough to keep it from being permanently damaged.

Cycra is known for plastic, but more than just the bodywork kits with a growing line of protection parts.

DeCal Works has stepped up their designs and even their own logo, modernizing and keeping with the times.

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Dunlop's MX3S were mounted up front and rear for grip across a range of terrains.

MotoSeat capped things off with a custom ribbed cover.

Our main test rider for the day, Zach Peddie, was blown away by the modded KTM 150 SX. We literally ran out of fuel between the bike and our gas can, as we couldn't get him off the track. Between the engine upgrades, suspension updates from RaceTech and the overall finish of the bike...Peddie was turning better times around Milestone than he does on his personal, near stock CRF250R.

Lynks Racing       www.lynksracing.com         802-475-2428
Head and cylinder modification 

Vertex Pistons                  www.vertexpistons.com    515-270-2302
Pro Replica Piston kit  (ring, pin and clips)   

Uni Filter                              www.unifilter.com             714-535-6933
Two-Stage air filter                     

Hinson Clutch                   www.hinsonracing.com         909-946-2942
Fibers, steels and springs clutch kit   
Clutch cover 

FMF Racing                        www.fmfracing.com             310-631-4363           
Factory Fatty exhaust  (non-chrome)                 
Shorty silencer

Race Tech  www.racetech.com       951-279-6655
Re-valve and set up of AER48 forks and shock with Gold Valves

Renthal                               www.renthal.com                   877-736-8425                                   
604 Fat bars
Ultra racky grips 

Dunlop Tire                     www.dunlopmotorcycle.com      800-845-8378
MX3S front 80/100-21
MX3S rear 100/90-19

Supersprox         www.supersproxusa.com            800-328-5454
Aluminum rear sprocket 
Front Sprocket 
Motocross chain

DeCal Works                           www.decalmx.com                  815-784-4000
Semi-Custom Graphics kit                   
Pre-printed number plates backgrounds   

Moto Seat                               www.motoseat.com                 951-258-5229
Custom ribbed seat cover

Works Connection                 www.worksconnection.com    888-224-8718   
Front and rear brake master cylinder caps
Rotating mounts for front brake and clutch perch

San Diego Powder Coating          www.sandiegopowdercoating.com   619-956-0987
Sandblasting, powder coated orange with superdurable clear, and “race prep masking" 

Klotz Synthetic Lubricants           www.klotzlube.com                800-242-2489
R-50 Two-Stroke Pre-Mix

TM Designs      www.tmdesignworks.com541-772-4161
Rear Chain Guide 
Chain slider 

CV4                      www.cv4.net      800-874-1223
Carburetor vent hose kit in orange
High temperature radiator cap
Radiator hose kit with Y-eliminator in orange

Cycra Racing                 www.cycraracing.com         
Full powerflow plastic kit in orange 

IMS  www.imsproducts.com           800-237-9906
Overflow catch can inside the frame

Scar  www.scar-racing.com215-258-5124
Titanium footpegs 

VP Fuel         www.vpracingfuels.com       210.635.7744
VP C12 fuel 

Tusk Off road www.tuskoffroad.com800-336-5437
270mm oversized front rotor with adaptor bracket
Rear brake rotor 
Complete wheel set with orange hubs 

Credit: Michael Lindsay
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