Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing - 2018 Supercross Team Intro 1

Credit: Rockstar Energy
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  • chateu21

    12/11/2017 12:25 AM

    I heard REED was likely to be on a Husky for 2018 but not sure the team?
    I was hoping he could sell himself to (RedBull KTM) to replace the retired "Tray Canard" specially following Dungey's retirement. REED loved the Suzuki Team with then manager "Roger DeCoster" (now @KTM) and his mechanic "Mike Gosselaar/Goose"
    REED going to retire in a year or two (Depending) so if he was smart he would talk with "Goose" if they sign him they could have "Goose"when he retires (one of the best mechanics of all time.) He should sale himself he better than "Broc Tickel" & riders on May teams [Not including what he's already accomplished] He should also point out to team [specially sponsors he going to get a lot of camera time no matter where he finishes & even more in he's up in the front. Ending with his goals to [win a few races to add to his 44wins and take #3 all time from his friend RC & take the most SX start record from Mike Larocco @228 REED already owns the most podiums by a lot @131 & so if he wins on the roomered Husky or the KTM I was hoping for he would be the first & only rider to win on 5 of the 6 manufacturers "he's already won on all 4 of the Japanese Bikes"
    Anything beyond that would be cherry he's always finished in the top 5 in points so with luck & consistency a championship I possible...

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