RCH Racing Ep. 2 - Carmichael, Hill & Tickle at Houston

Take a trip through the Houston, Texas stop of the 2013 Monster Energy Supercross season with the RCH Dodge Sycuan Racing Team! Part owner Ricky Carmichael and team riders Josh Hill and Broc Tickle start the week off with appearances and autograph signings while the RCH team gets the trailer and fan experiences ready for the weekend. Ricky offers a glimpse into his duties away from the team including helping to design the 2013 Monster Energy Cup track. Josh races well over the weekend finishing 8th overall and Broc finishes 10th. Although the guys would like to perform better, it's the first time both riders have finished in the top 10 together.

Video and Editing: Matty Fran/In The Moment Media


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