Offseason with Aaron Plessinger 1

Credit: Monster Energy
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  • Lewy517

    12/16/2019 12:24 PM

    What is it with people in the industry and their insane focus on “functional” training. Your base or GPP should have some of those components of course but every Moto workout video looks exactly the same. All upper body and all about putting people in tons of positions for being unbalanced. Strength and proper recruitment are the requisite needs to be able to balance in unpredictable conditions.
    Last only one leg exercise in that whole video aside from some lateral shuffles with the new flute bands that are insanely over emphasized considering that their focus on glute medius doesn’t reflect the short duration tonic nature of that muscle group.
    Let’s work on getting some real true sport science and strength and conditioning into our Factory riders in this sport

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