MX Nation: Season 5, Episode 4 - Show Me the Money 2

Red Bull: In a sport that requires significant buy-in to compete, many aspiring pros have to put down their bikes simply because it gets too expensive. Increasingly, riders with full factory support have the advantage over privateers like Jeff Walker, Blake Baggett, and Justin Bogle, and are the ones winning the most races. But the love for the sport will always prevail and so the passionate ones will get creative to chase their dreams as long as they can.

Credit: Red Bull

GD2 GD2 10/25/2019 10:29 AM

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Motocross and Supercross is full of fast wannabes and for many is a short career. We have seen them come and seen them go and seen many take themselves to the point of career ending injuries and beyond. A huge respect to those wanting to go that extra 1 % to be the decidinng factor between sucess and failure but for me the sport constantly shoots itself in the foot. The cost of the expensive weight saving part made of thee luxorious metals that sit in the million dollar trucks with every conceivable extra is what every privateer dreams of, in reality most of tomorrows stars are the ones who come through a brand youth proggression and people like Jeff Walker who does a great personal vlog highlighting his struggles to go racing every week perfectly highlight the system. If a Factory team wants to really go racing get rid of these million dollar rigs and put more money into privateers and level the playing field. Get riders from B Group Qualifying out first instead of last. How many times do the bulk of qualifiers come from A Groups when the track is a lot less challenging. You could go on but I think I made a few valid points but I still love the racing but my point is the industry could help privateers more.

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