H&H - Ink Rock Moto Ep. 9 - Carey Hart & Ricky Carmichael's RCH Racing Team Ready For 2013

Supercross legend Ricky Carmichael and freestyle pioneer Carey Hart are making big moves in 2013 recently announcing their partnership to form RCH racing. Combining Ricky's Suzuki factory support with Carey's already powerful Hart and Huntington team and these guys are looking tough to beat heading into the new year. The Dodge/Sycuan Casino/Suzuki RCH Racing team will debut January 5th in Anaheim, California for Round 1 of the Monster Energy Supercross season with Broc Tickle and Josh Hill in contention. Hear from the guys on what to expect from this new powerhouse team, and check out Jeremy "Twitch" Steinberg putting on a demo for the hometown crowd at Sycuan Casino. Mike Mason, Bobby Lee, and Lance Coury round out the 2013 team.


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